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Yesterday myself and Gramason attended the KCBS Certified Judges class in Salisbury Md. It was a great experience for us both. Nice class to taken even if you do not plan to judge or enter any comps.
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Congratulations Smokeys and Gramason!!
I think that would be my dream job...(if I couldn't get my own fishing show.)
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Congratulations, guys! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

How do you get started with this certification?
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Cowgirl and Homebrew thanks to you both. Brew go to KCBS website and look up classes and they have a list. Sighn up to one near you. We hade about a 2 hr drive to the one we went to. But was worth an even longer drive.
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Congrats Guys! I wish they had that class a little closer to me I'd go just for the learnin'!
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Hey congats you guys!! Me and the misses were gonna sign up for that one, but that didn't quite come to fruition... ahhh, next year for sure!

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Hawg you would have enjoyed. The instructor was pretty funny and keepped us interested. There was about 50-60 people there and we got to sample food in all 4 catargories.
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Very good class, it gave us a heads up on whats expected. We plan on entering a couple competitions next year, and I hope it helps out.
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Congrats brothers.... look forward to hearing more about it....
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If you are going to compete you did the right thing by getting certified to judge.
Hard to play the game if you don't know thePDT_Armataz_01_37.gif rules.
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Hawg, there will be a class in march 2008 at meadow creek weilding in
new holland pa.,it will be on a friday during their open house.
new holland also has a contest in august with about 75 teams and they
always need judges.
I always go up to see Melvin's new cookers during the open house.
you will enjoy the class and the food is very good.
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I'm thinking about taking the class to get KCBS Certified in judging and would like to know how long the class is, and what do you do while your there and is there some kind of a test at the end of the class?
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Graig, you get to eat and learn to be a certified judge. The class is about 5 hrs and very well worth it. Very very good highly recomend!!!!!!!!!
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They go over some things in the begining, and then like Smokey said, you eat. Very good class, and good info if you plan on competing.
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Congratulations!!! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

People tell me that I'm certify-able...is that the same thing???
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No test. You get a session on the rules and judging method. Then you get to judge samples of the four meat categories, ribs, brisket, pork, chicken. Not all of the samples are the best intentionally, so you get to see a bit of both sides.
A lot of folks think judging is the ultimate. Fact is, there are some competition teams turning in some great Que, and there are some turning in stuff that is not too good. You get to eat some of all of it, good and bad. And you get saltine crackers and water between samples.
Take the class and learn something, even if you never judge. PDT_Armataz_01_29.gif
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I know this is the largets organization, but is there more?
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Glued ther are several more but I do not remember them as of now sorry???????????
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Congrats... sounds like fun

After you posted this I went to the KCBS site and I found a BBQ competition about 8 miles from my house in Highland NY... Had no clue they did this :)
They are also giving the course to be a KCBS judge.. I may sign up for this.. Even if I don't take the course I'll be going to the comp..
$80 man!!!! What do you got for $80??
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