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Hmmmmmm ... if she does that with the yard birds, ... what does she do with the husband? ...Just a thoughticon_mrgreen.gif
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Great stuff, Cowgirl!

You are using a modified "chicken tractor" approach. I have seen them. A small coop on wheels which is brought about the farm when an area needs a bit of "scratching". Some light fencing would keep them in an area.

When I had chickens I used them in a similar manner. There is an area that I do not use but looks a bit tacky when ity grows up. So I always let the birds into that area and it was always looking neat. BTW, in my line of work I am able to pick up various lengths of orange hazzard fence which works just fine for moving the birds about and keeping them confined.

Coyotes got all my birds shortly after my pooch died so I will be starting a new flock next spring.

Great work!
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Same here Monty, but the coyotes got them even with two dogs here? Now I just save about $98 a dozen and buy the eggs from the store. icon_rolleyes.gif

Patty, is there anything you DON'T do??? tongue.gifwink.gif
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cajun.....Bwahahaha (my best evil laugh)icon_twisted.gif What do I need one of those for? Don't answer that!! lol

Thank you Monty! I have sort of a chicken tractor, I call it my baby pen.
It's made out of pvc and chicken wire too. I made the 4 walls and hook them together with snap hooks when I need it.
I also added two plastic wheels on one end so I can pick up the front and roll it to different spots in the yard.
I use if for lambs, baby ducks, and any little critters that aren't accustomed to free ranging.
My regular hens roam the farm all day, then I lock them up at night.
I have coyotes and lose one now and then.

Good luck with your new flock next spring! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

Terry, there are a LOT of things I don't do.....I don't have the time. icon_mrgreen.gif
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Whoa! That's a shame Debi!
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Go figure city politics stink rabbit good eating

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