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I couldn't resist

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I had to smoke something today. I was miserable. Couldn't sleep, thinking about mistakes in past smokes, wondering what I could cook for the wife today, so I'm smoking spares on the little Cookin' Cajun (206° - 208° Smoker temp and steady with the load on). Put the ribs on about 11 AM. Probably a 2 - 1 -.5, they're kind of small on the meat side. I might just low and slow the whole time (no crutch), until their done. It's according to how I feel later on today. That's the thing I like about this ECB, it holds temps very well with little to no fluctuation. And the only mod I have is the vent holes in the lid.
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Mmmm, spares sound good wavector.
Good luck with the smoke and take pictures if you get the chance.smile.gif
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Oh yeah, can't go wrong there.
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Looks as if you have it under control, hope you can post some Q Views just for bragging rights!
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Sound great, I love spares.....Definatly post some qview.

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Sounds Good

Sounds good to me. Shows the addiction to smokin when thats all we think about.
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Uh Oh He's hooked! icon_razz.gif Welcome to the club sweething!
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Another one bites the dust! PDT_Armataz_01_22.gif
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