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Actually the many extra forums are what bind folks together and form the bonds that most of us enjoy.

I belong to a forum that is strictly for suzuki GS motorcycles but the many other forums keep folks coming even when the talk is not motorcycles.

The political and religious fanatics fighting and calling names for months on end has driven many away including myself.

I have a very small website for motorcycles and any interesting thing folks want to talk about.

I have given moderator power to about 6 people who swiftly deal with thing that ruin the friendly atmosphere. I dont worry about anyone with feathers lol lol

****, spam, politics etc.
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We came across this very same problem on another forum....GSResources....a motorcycle riders forum. We have made a lot of friends, but there are those who spoiled it for others, at time. Then the good people (and the oldies who started the forum) started to drop off. Now it is run by a bunch of newbies and argumentative folks who think their bikes are the only ones that should be on the road.

Don't get me ranting!!!!!!.....there, I have cooled down.icon_mrgreen.gif Anyway, I still go back to that forum now and then, and I like this forum very much, too. I wouldn't want to see anyone mess it up. I am enjoying learning how to smoke meats, and I love the extra effort folks put in, including the "Off Topic" stuff.
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No "razzing" ..You won't get that from me.
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Nuff said!!
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Originally Posted by scotty View Post

Just whiningtongue.gif

Im sure that i'm not the only wine maker


try winemakingtalk.com if you want a wine forum website.

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I love a good wine.  I have a good friend that hangs out w/ me when I have the smoker going.  He brings a bottle of the week usually a good cab or merlot and a couple cigars.  So I don't see any reason that is shouldn't be here.  At least in the beer section.  Yes I can see where the forum could get confusing to a newbie.  But, getting familiar w/ this forum is a great way to learn.  Just my 2 cents.



My Grandfather makes wine all the time.  After looking at your picts I remember seeing this same setup at my Grandfather's house.  I think I may have to give it a try.

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I'm with you, Scotty! I love making my own wine. I would post some pics but I'm not allowed, yet. Not sure how many posts I have before they turn that on. 

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