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Dripping GOSM...

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I have a 3405 BGW Gosm smoker. Today I had it loaded up with turkey thighs and my water pan wasn't able to catch all the drippings, hence, grease was dripping down front legs of smoker and onto the cement. This model does not have the grease pan, as the big block does, though I don't understand why not, but I don't like the mess it makes. I was thinking of making a custom grease pan for it out of aluminum, similar to the one the big block has. Has anyone else experienced this problem and what remedies have you come up with. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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quick fix- throw two of those disposable pans under the legs til ya get done to keep from walking in the grease......

at least while your smokin' and til ya figure out and install the mod you pick....
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Thanks BustedLuck...the only thing I don care for is the mess it makes in the smoker and when it is below freezing all the drippings freeze on everything. I don't know why Great Outdoors doesn't have grease pans in all their models, not just the Big Block. icon_idea.gif Maybe I will have to patent something and sell an aftermaket retro fit...
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May not be what your lookin for but I just use an oven drip pan in mine, O course with just cooking for two I never use all 3 racks for food. There almost the width of the smoker and cheap, no clean up just throw away
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