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beef bacon

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Does anyone here have a recipe they would share for making beef bacon from ground meat ...other than buyin a pre-made mix ?? ...searched here and google , can't seem to find anything ...........confused.gif
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bumpity ... bump PDT_Armataz_01_41.gif
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a lot of us here have just started trying the venison ground meat bacon but it is all premixed it should be ok for use with beef the pre mixed is about $5.00 it will cure 25 pounds of meat go to check it out it is some good stuff if you do it right
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Tim, it might be worth trying to track down a Jewish butcher. Since pork isn't kosher they may have a similar product from beef. I did a search for "kosher bacon" and came up with references to duck bacon and turkey bacon in the top 10 hits. Just a thought.
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T-bone Tim
As to what salmonclubber suggested, I have made it with venison, buffalo and elk so far with success. I may have to try beef just so I know.....
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We cooked for a campground opening at Sturgis one year and served beef bacon with breakfast. I believe it was made from brisket. It was real good. It came from a sponsor "Sturgis Beef "who is no longer in business. My partner in this told me at the time he knew how to do it. I will try to jog his memory.
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Beef Bacon

25 lbs beef plates
5 quarts ice water
1 lb salt
5 oz powdered dextrose
3 oz Prague Powder No. 1

Beef plates are cured at 38-40F in the brine made from the above
formula. Plates are cured for 7-8 days and overhauled on the fourth
day. After the plates are cured, they then are washed with hot
water, and all the loose surface fat is removed.

Bacon is then hung-properly spaced in a smokehouse preheated to
135 F, with the drafts wide open until the surface of the product
is dry. Dampers are closed to 1/4 open starting the smoke; hold
until the desired color is obtained. The drafts are closed and
smoke shut off; temperature is raised to 160 F. and bacon is held
until an internal temperature of 135F. is obtained. Shut off heat
and let remain in smokehouse for at least 1 hour. Remove to cooler
overnight before slicing.

Beef Bacon (dry cure method)

Beef bacon generally is cured the same way that pork bacon is. The
only difference is the beef bacon is cured for 6-7 days rather than
on a by the pound basis.

Dry cure works for ground beef also
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One can always count on dj to come thru.
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Everyone thanks for the replies thus far ....

Deejay thank you , I have that recipe also , I hope you had it somewhere to copy and paste PDT_Armataz_01_23.gif , thats alot of typing...

I guess I'll have to order some of that mix from curly's, and try that ,I was just wanting to make the venison bacon except with beef ... like a sizzlelean or the schneider's skillet strips .
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Yeah I saved in a word Document. IMHO it needs garlic, black, pepper and some maple syrup. DON'T use the water except about 1 cup - enough to make it sticky. I not bad but it tastes like sizzlean to me.
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Leave it to Debi to come through as usual. Now I see why some call her MOM. She is awesome!!!!!!!!!!PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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