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Roasted Turkey

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Yeah... I know it's not smoked, but I didn't seem like there was much happening in the way of food pics today so I thought I'd post it anyway.

We have sleet and freezing rain here so smoking isn't an option today.

We roasted this bird at 500° for about 3 hours. Then shut off the oven and let it set for 20 more minutes without opening the door. Then let it set on the stovetop for about another half hour before cutting into it.

It's about 12 pounds. At the end the internal temp was 180° so I was a little worried it was going to be dry as dust. But apparently cooking it that fast with that high of heat doesn't give it time to dry out. We roasted it in a sheet pan and there wasn't hardly any juice in the pan. It was all still in the bird... even the breast meat is juicy!!

You can see that the legs got a little "over-caramelized" but it was only the exposed bone and not the meat.

We carved all the meat off and the carcass is now in with some carrots, celery and onions making some stock.
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looks great when do we eat
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I didn't "say" that right. The entire time (prep, roasting, and resting) was 3 hours. The turkey only was at 500° for about an hour and 40 minutes.

Sorry for the mix up.
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OKay now that you know what it looks like you need to smoke one! wink.gif
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eat the **** out that
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