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Char-Griller modifications

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Today's the day I start the old CharGriller mods.
I'm going to add a water heater burner to the side box, extend the chimney and put in a heat shield. Just got back from Home Depot, got just about everything I need. I still have to find a new orifice for the burner; if I can't find one I'll solder and re-drill the old one.
Any other suggestions while I'm at it?
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Sisco, if you can, take some pic's of the ongoing work and the finished product. icon_razz.gif
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I assume the heat shield you are referring to is a baffle at the sfb opening in the chamber? If so, add some tuning plates also... they'll help stablize the temps across the grates. Also, consider installing a couple of near-grate level thermometers at either end of the lid... get rid of the POS original that comes with it.

Sounds like you are firing this puppy up with gas only? Can't help you much in the firebox end if that's the case... I use wood and charcoal.

Please post pix as you progress with the project! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Here's the prototype. Can't make smoke though! I tried putting dry chips on top of the burner, they burned up without making any smoke. Put some in a coffee can, same result.
I still need to get the orifice changed out; still using the Natural gas one and it's not putting out a good flame. Took 30 minutes or more to get the cooking chamber up to 225 degrees, but then again it's only 28 outside.
I may have a problem installing the baffle, it will interfere with the charcoal grate in the cooking area. I don't need the grate in there while smoking but I'll need it for grilling.

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yeah......since you seen my other link............large can 0n its side......will produce least according to that link.......maybe like they mentioned.......cover the open end of the can........with foil......punch a hole with your finger in the foil..........should produce smoke then........the wood is getting to much O2.......since the burning up of the wood......lower the amount of O2......should maybe smoulder?
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I'll play around with it more tomorrow, dark and damn cold out right now.
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Sisco if your side firebox is wide open like in the photo you might not make smoke,close off 3/4's of it and try again.

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The big lid was only open to take the pic, the damper on the side was about 1/2 open.
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close your damper to about the width of the pipe sticking through it.

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I cheated a little.... mine came with a big arched piece of metal with a grate for the smoker side.... i flipped it upside down... it matches the opening from the firebox and helps keep the heat even all the way across while still letting the smoke come up even at both ends... also extended the stack down inside with metal flex dryer vent.... yesterday i copied Gramason... added angle to the lid and installed the rope gasket.... put a piece of angle in the fire box... placed expanded metal on top.... now can clean out ashes .... while still burning... that makes it nice...
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You didn't cheat, that's a really good mod! For those who do not want to lose the capability of using the unit as a grill, there's your answer! I did that until I mounted the permanent baffle in mine
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I also drop an emty beer can on both side of the arch... it keeps the drip pan nice and level- easier to clean out....
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Excellent idea! I'll give that a try.
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