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Hey WD ... esentially it is the same thing ... read further.

What is peameal back bacon?

First of all, let me say what it is not. In Canada you would never hear an order for 'Canadian Bacon'. Rather, 'two over easy with peameal' can be heard everywhere. Back bacon is made from the boneless pork loin, with the fat trimmed to 1/8" and cured in a sweet pickle brine. The special ingredients used in the cure create a product that is less salty than regular bacon with a touch of sweetness. The loin is then rolled in yellow cornmeal giving it the signature 'peameal' coating.

Most of us here in soth western Ontario refer to it as just back bacon with the older generation calling it peameal. I believe the term has something to do with the coarseness of the grind used. Quite often it is on sale in a full roast pieces ready to cook. Last one I made, I put in the smoker until 160º internal, sliced and browned lightly in the frying pan. Next time, I'll take it out between 140º and 150º so as not to ovecook in the pan. Freezes well also.

Hope that helps.
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thankx squeezy..........any chance you mite know what that pickle brine mite be?

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Oh, it's definitely called Peameal Bacon and it's best eaten during Shadfly season while at the camp. :)
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I have no idea WD ... sorry! I did some research, and they say a sweet pickle brine is basically water and salt. (they didn't even mention sugar) I know there is more to it than that.
DeejayDeb has a good looking recipe for it on her site you might want to check out.
Me ... I'm lazy! When big chunks already brined and cryopacked are on sale ... I just smoke it .... wonderful!
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