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More Canadian Bacon - Page 3

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Hmmmm, thanks for the idea Lisa! LOL!!

I find my electric knife handy, like I said I even use it when butchering....it cuts meat like butter.biggrin.gif
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I believe thats what I will go with, the ele knife. It would make my Husband feel better. You just dont know how many times I have had stitches in my hand, and with a slicer he would be worried to death.
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What kind of electric knife do you own?
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Lisa, the one I have right now is a GE....I've been through several over the years, but this one has lasted awhile.
They aren't very expensive and if they quit, you aren't out much money.

Good luck with your slicing, hope it goes well for you.icon_smile.gif
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Is Cow Patty/girl from Mars?[/quote]
No Daryle, Men are from Mars, women are from Venusicon_biggrin.gif

[quote=LisaCSCO;124038]thats why you should have stuck with the Colorado girl!! But I see you've been tryin' to run around on me!!

gotta get my guns PDT_Armataz_01_36.gif
Lisa honey, you told me that you wouldn't leave the Dougster and move to MT, besides, I need a new pickup and Patty makes more money than you do, I need the top of the line Dodge. icon_biggrin.gifrolleyes.gif

[quote=cowgirl;124061]LOL! Terry....I have changed my evil ways...will you ever forgive me? icon_lol.gif

yes honey, I forgive ya. Geez I'm nice! haha P.S. I ain't cheap, but I can be had. icon_razz.gif

[quote=LisaCSCO;124062]Terry dont listen to her!! She is an evil, evil girl!! She will brine and cook you over a fire!!

haha Lisa, the jokes on her, she'd be better off eatin her boot. redface.gif
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Glad to see you don't hold a grudge Terry.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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That looks perfect! So when is breakfast? I like mine sliced thinnerer to not so hammy and easier to make sammies from! Great job and great photos!PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

I got some brining for Christmas presents not sure if I should slice them thin or thick or maybe both?
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Thank you Debi! I like mine sliced thin too.
I just finished making eggs benedict with the bacon......sure was good, but I couldn't even eat half of it. I guess my eyes were bigger than my stomach.icon_lol.gif
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That looks outstanding! What temp. did you smoke it to?
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Thank you wwin. smile.gif
I pulled this batch out at 160 and let it rest before slicing.
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Sorry - I just realized I missed a whole lot between your first post and mine. Still that looks great and I am going to have to give it a try. Was the Mortons cure a packaged cure or are you just talking about mixing salt with sugar?
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No problem wwin.biggrin.gif
It was just the tenderquick and sugar combination on the dry cure.
1TBS tenderquick + 1 tsp of sugar mixed together per pound of meat.
Sprinkle to coat and shake off any access.
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YUM! Now that's a hunka bacon!!
Good going Mike!icon_mrgreen.gif
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Thanks Patty `

Next Time Im Going To Try Your Garlic Recipe..
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brine question


Do you use the same amount of Mortons in the brine as you do for the rub? ie 1 oz per pound?

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jeff, when using cure's, follow package instructions TO THE LETTER........it will say on the package of tender quick.......least mine does
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I believe for a wet cure/brine Its 1 cup TQ per 4 cups water....should say on the bag....good luck!!
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me also cajun........getting ready to put mine in the smoker now........coated in resturant grind CBP.........

i know what corn meal is.....not sure of peameal, and what do they bring to the smoke/meat?
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good looking bacon guys. Might have to do one sometime here.

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