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More Canadian Bacon

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I made another batch of canadian bacon right before Thanksgiving.
This was about an 11lb pork loin, I cut in half and dry cured one half and brined the other.
Edited to add....I use pork loins, (back loins) not the smaller tenderloins. The brine recipe can be changed any way you like, add any of your favorite flavorings. I make each batch of brine different, it is fun to experiment.
Be sure to rinse and soak the bacon in fresh water to remove saltiness. It's best to slice off a piece of meat a couple of days early, soak and fry it up to check for saltiness....THEN either let it finish curing or go ahead with the smoking process if you think it's ready.
The dry cure method gets the most realiable results....the brine is something I do for fun.

Hope this helps!

I remove the fat.

Rub one half with dry cure...Mortons mixed with sugar.

I brined the other half in a mixture of mortons and water,
with 10 cloves of garlic,
1/4 cup of brown sugar
2 dried cayenne peppers
1 TBS jalapeno powder and
1 TBS dried onion

I covered and cured them in the fridge for 6 days.
Then soaked them in cool fresh water for an hour...changing the water after 30 minutes.

After drying the loins, I topped the brine cured half with fresh cracked black pepper.

I used my horizontal smoker with osage orange and hickory.

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Which one was better?
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The finished bacon...

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Joe, I really liked the brined one this time...I think it was the extra garlic and pepper that made it my favorite.
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Miss Cowgirl, You have just ruined ... a good computer. There is now drool all over it. Great post .. thanks. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Cowgirl, That looks awesome. I have slobber running everywhere.
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I hope you fedex'd a sample. That looks TASTY!!!
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LOL! Dang, you scared me for a minute....I'm having trouble sizing the pictures, thought I might have busted your screen or something.
Thank you cajun!icon_mrgreen.gif
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Thank you goat and Vlap! biggrin.gif
My company ate most of it during Thanksgiving deer week....I stashed some in the freezer though.PDT_Armataz_01_22.gif
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Gonna order a new puter with "smell & tasteovision" wink.gif
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LOL! Wouldn't that be something!
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Yep..... All your bacon would be gone ...biggrin.gif
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cajun, I'd sure share it with ya.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gifbiggrin.gif
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I need to learn more about this morton stuff. Bought a box of "tender quik" (?) a few months ago. Haven't opened it yet.
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WOW, looks great! What temp do you smoke at and what temp to you bring it to? Do you still have to fry it after it come out of the smoker before you can eat?
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Nice job Cowgirl ... that looks real Canadian ... except no peameal coating! (not needed just pretty)
Great Q-view also!
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cajun, the morton products sure are easy to use.icon_smile.gif

Thank you twistertail! I smoked this at around 225 and brought it up to 160 before pulling it off the smoker, then I let it rest......I didn't want to have to cook it after smoking it.
Ususally I like to cold smoke bacon and fry later. This batch doesn't need to be fried. ( I wanted to make quick things for company breakfasts)
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Thanks Squeezy, I have tried the corn meal coating in the past...it sure is good!biggrin.gif
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Osage orange? It burns REALLY hot. I burn a lot of it for firewood and under the kettle making apple butter, small fire of small splits = lotsa heat. I never particularly thought the smell was something I would like to smoke with.
Mixing with hickory would improve things, what ratio orange to hickory?
Anyhow, the bacon looks mighty good and must have been equally tasty if it disappeared over the holiday.
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Peameal ... cornmeal ? ? Now I'm cornfused.. icon_cry.gif
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