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Smoke Ring with the MES

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I just got my new MES from Sam's last week, just enough time to do a turkey. I've also smoked ribs and chicken wings over the last week or so. Each time i have great smoke flavor, great taste, great moisture but no Smoke Ring. Is it possible to get a nice ring with the MES?
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Burn a piece of charcoal in there while you are smoking. That will give you the ring. The formation of the ring depends on chemicals that aren't always present in sufficient quantities while smoking on an electric. Put a piece of lit charcoal in there at the start and that will get you the ring you are looking for.
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Thanks Fatback, i would have never thought of that. I will report back on the results....

thanks again.
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No problem. FWIW Kingsford seems to work the best for that......probably all the crap they use to bind them.......oh well.

Good luck.
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Sure makes me want to go out and try this method.PDT_Armataz_01_32.gif
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LOL Yeah, could have maybe worded that better.........but it does give the best ring. IMO. LOL
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I use an MES and I only see something like a smoke ring on things that are in there a looooong time like butts.

As long as I am getting the flavors I want, how important is a smoke ring?
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This makes me think a little, i wonder what would happen if i started with the 1 piece as you recommend and then add little pieces of charcoal mixed into the wood chips as i add them during the smoke....
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In a home use I don't think the ring is important. For competitions I would think it very necessary. I do not believe it has any impact on flavor. Maybe I am wrong in that but I have never heard anyone talk about how good the smoke ring tastes.
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If I showed up for a competition with an MES I'd probably win... hands down PDT_Armataz_01_23.gif, cuz all the other teams would be laughin' so hard they wouldn't get anything done. PDT_Armataz_01_24.gifPDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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That will work just fine, I suspect. As long as you get the charcoal going you will get the ring. Wouldn't think that it will matter a bit if it is broken up or not.

Just remember, formation of the ring stops when the meat hits around 140 degrees, so don't bother with it after would just be wasting charcoal.
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LOL Good one.

Yeah, I agree the ring it pretty much just for cosmetic purposes. I know I like it though, a brisket just don't look right without it.

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Im with you on the taste thing, i don't think it does anything for flavor. It more of a beat your chest thing I think. I also have a GOSM propane unit that give a great smoke ring and it always felt so authentic... if you know what i mean....
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