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My Venison Bacon

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I got my venison bacon out of the smoker yesterday and put it into the fridg overnight. This morning I sliced some for breakfast. It was real good. This seasoning came from Mid-Western Research. First pic is out of the smoker, 2nd is sliced, 3rd is in the frying pan.
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Mmmmmmmm ... That bacon looks good ... especially in that "cast iron" fryin' pan. Bacon is on my list ... real close to the top.
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Man goat, that looks good!! I'm going to have to try some.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Great looking bacon. Would you share the recipe?
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I Second That

What Is The Recipe For Deer Bacon ?
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Here is a link to where venison bacon was originally talked about -
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I purchased the seasoning here:

6 lbs venison
4 lbs pork butt
1 pkg seasoning
2 Cups ice water

Grind meat one time using a 1/8 plate
Mix well for 10 or so minutes, this meat paste will be very sticky
Line 2" dish, foil pan, etc., with Saran Wrap and divide/spread/pack meat paste evenly
Cover with Saran wrap and refrigerate overnight

Turn pan upside down on smokehouse racks and pull off plastic wrap
Set the smoker at 130* for one hour with the damper open
Turn up to 150* and smoke 3 hours with your desired wood, damper 1/2 open
Then set temp at 180* w/no smoke and damper closed until the internal temp of the meat is 155* (NOTE 1)
Place in the fridg overnight. Slice, vac seal and freeze (NOTE 2)

One pan of meat took about 1 hour longer to reach temp than the other, so be sure when you pull
I had my slicer set on #8
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Goat that bacon looks awesome , I have got to try this PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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The bacon looks great, glad it finally worked out for you, your persistance paid off !!!
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Looks good

Lokks good Goat. Nice job. Keep it up. Love deer but I do not hunt but think I may try again in the future?????????????
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Good looking venison bacon Goat! I will be making mine soon as I was informed today my seasoning form Curley's Kitchen is on the way. Good Job! The bacon is also good cold as well as fried...
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good looking bacon glad it turned out for ya i will try it again and see if i cant correct my mistakes you take care
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Looks good hon! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
Mid West is a good company I've dealt with them several times. Was it salty? I always find those pre-mixes salty.
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I am a salt freak and have the blood pressure to prove it, but salt was not the flavor that hit me.
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Goat, that looks "E to the T", those pics do some justice.
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Goat.... that looks great.... i want some....

Smokeys my pet.... you over here all the time....i hunt... all ya gotta do is ask for some meat and you will receive....
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