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Very good point!
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Good point! I agree that the FN has to appeal to the masses. It was indeed cooked low n' slow, but it still isn't BBQ in my book. wink.gif
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I absolutely agree that slow and low isn't the only way to cook brisket, and FN definitely has to have mass appeal to be successful. However, if he's going to cook a brisket in the oven, by all rights he should not call it barbecue. I think that's the key part of this discussion.
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Dang, Phil. Beat me to it. PDT_Armataz_01_22.gif
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BAHAHAHAAHA!!!! that's funny. icon_lol.gificon_lol.gif

I didn't know that he was calling it quits. I like the live show better than the other one. Flay=Jerk, even in the appleby's comercials you can just see the attitude. PDT_Armataz_01_27.gif
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I have never seen Emeril remove a membrane from any type of rib... maybe I've missed some shows. What I find striikingly funny is that the Food network seems to draw many viewers despite the fact that nowadays most folks buy take-out. So who's in the kitchen wirh Dinah? Smokers are outdoors where the fresh air blends with smokin wood. Was I through?
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Word Play

Well, I didn't watch the Emeril show you're talking about...But if he called it BBQ Brisket, it would seem to me that that's just what he did....If he called it Smoked Brisket with BBQ sauce on it....Then he missed it by a mile....BBQ, IMO, is a sauce to flavor meat with, not a way of cooking meat....Just My Opinion....Correct me if I'm wrong....DemoMan
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Ok my turn.... To me, BBQ is smoked outside and should be "low & slow" I have to admit that before I joined this forum I cooked a trimmed brisket in the (Damn what's that word) oh yea the oven. I didn't know any better and thought is was ok. But after doing what Ya'll taught me, that was not BBQ. I watched Paula Dean's son Jamie brag about how he can cook ribs in the oven in only 2 hours. Hell I can cook them faster then that, but it Damn sure isn't going to be called BBQ. As far as Bobby Flay goes, His head is way to big any more. Once again IMHO to me BBQ is "Low & Slow" with a nice blue smoke and a beer. Ok who's next?
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Okay Michael, I agree. Low and slow is true BBQ. Until I found out what smoking was about, I thought grilling and slopping on BBQ sauce was BBQing... eek.gif Nope, it's grilling. And in the oven (there's that word again), it's baking.

IMO, if there ain't TBS, it ain't Q. Oh, and you definitely need beer to marinate the cook with...
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I'm next again...lol

I think we're dealing with word play here...."Personal Opinion"...There's nothing at all wrong with that as long as we do it like "we" want and enjoy....We could ask a thousand people what BBQ is and they would say a "sandwich you get down at the BBQ place".....No problem there....To me, it's the type of sauce/flavoring you put to the finished meat....Nothing wrong with that opinion either....If I do chicken breast in the oven in BBQ sauce, I call it BBQ'ed chicken....If I do it in the smoker with a rub/sauce, I still call it BBQ'ed chicken.....Just another opinion....However, this being a forum, we do need some "standard" words and phrases we use to describe what we do....This is a "smoker's" forum and I assume that anyone in this forum that speaks of BBQ'ed chicken is taling about "out of the smoker" meat.....JMO again.....Emeril is a professional chef, and he can cook his meat anyway he chooses and call it any thing he choose...Cut him some slack....After all, don't we do the same thing when it comes to preparing food????DemoMan
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Sorry if I ruffled some feathers here... didn't mean to. redface.gif Emeril can call it what he wants, but I don't have to agree with it. That's all.
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It is a good thread and good discussion. No need for ruffled feathers. I believe there are many paths to the same point. Its fun to explore all of them.
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I think it's a good thread myself...You didn't get my feather's ruffled, nor did anyone else...We can't do without opinions on this forum...Otherwise, nobody would learn the good and the bad of smoking....Just wanted you to know that....Thanks for the thread, bro.....DemoMan
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No problem... it's all good! PDT_Armataz_01_22.gif
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I've seen Emeril do that kind of thing before with a brisket. In my opinion it should be called "brisket braised in BBQ sauce". I'm sure Emeril knows the difference himself and as others have said is trying to appeal to the masses and generate interest in cooking. I'm ok with that.

By the way my favorite personality on the FN is Ingrid Hoffman. I could care less what she is cooking as long as her shirt is tight fitting. She has nice "recipes"!

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Didn't see it... But it makes one wonder, how many poor slobs in this world are missing out on true BBQ, and think it's just meat with flavored sauce on it? I bet a lot of them.

I really like to watch Alton Brown on Good Eats. This probably makes me a food geek, but I really like how he informs a person about the chemisty and theory behind what happens during the seasoning and cooking process. The knowledge behind what causes a certain thing to happen is what drives me to experiment by applying it to a different situation. Not to mention it sometimes explains why certain things work better than others....
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I guess I will take a turn. For a long time my weekends consisted of watching the FN on Saturday to find out what I was cooking on Sunday. The chefs you guys are speaking of were at one time my favs. Their "practices" often got me to try things I may not have if I wasn't watching. THEN.....I met you people!! Thank the lord. Now my weeks consist of the SMF and deciding on which night I'm gonna pull an all nighter to smoke some 10lbs or so of meat. Right or wrong the Food network appeals to the masses and they mean well.

BTW... How bout Giada!!!!
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my turn! IMO, Emeril brought the food network out to the world, before that I had to get up and clean on Saturday mornings! icon_evil.gif Now I get to lie around watching TFN...My favorite is Alton Brown, I like the science behind the cooking. Kind of like here, I learned how a smoke ring actually forms, and how reverse flow is better on your side cookers. Lots of things have been learned! Never in my life would I have thought I would be makin my own canadian bacon and sausage...a year and a half later here I sit! I've also learned a lot from TFN, even frmo the cooks that I don't like their personality. EVEN BOOBY!! BTW one of them that he lost was to a Q'er in NJ!!! A real smoker q'er!!! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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BTW, I also called chicken on the grill that I put BBQ sauce on, BBQ chicken...what else would you call it? And it's usually sweet baby ray's bbq sauce. In fact tonight, with the fact that it's 35* with a wind chill of like 15*, I will probably put it in the oven, once close to being done, slap some sauce on, put out some tater tots and green beans and call it a bbq chicken dinner night!! God I hope I don't lose my OTBS status on that one! PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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Yeah, I've pretty much lost faith in you with the "green bean's" thing....It's BBQ chicken, Baked Beans, slaw and BBQ bread...Maybe some baked tater to go with it....PDT_Armataz_01_12.gifDemoMan
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