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Did anyone see Emeril last night?

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I dunno about you, but I got a tad upset with him and his "BBQ" brisket. That brisket never saw a lick of smoke, other than him searing it in a pan on top of the stove! He made up a red sauce and poured it over the brisket, sealed the pan with foil, put it in the oven at some unknown temp for five hours and called it BBQ brisket. And the whole audience roared with approval.

That just ain't right I tell ya'! PDT_Armataz_01_35.gif
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He'd done anyway, Hawg..last "Live" is the 11th I think. Was a great run, and I like most of his stuff and style...but that brisket thing SUCKED.
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Didn't see the show ... but I do agree with you. There have been acouple of those shows where they do something that "ain't right".
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Emeril's done? For the season or the series? I can't imagine foodtv would can him.
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Emeril Live is done... essence of emeril will go on, and he'll be around for specials and stuff.
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I normally like most of what he does also, but that was just wrong!

Back when he was just getting popular with his show, my wife and I got tickets for one of his shows. We were blown away with all the gnomes that come out of the woodwork at commercial break that prepare, cook, and generally make him look like a God when it goes back on the air... amazing!
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Thats interesting. Foodtv is getting rid of thier poster child. (well kinda) I wonder if bobby is next? That egotistical ***** can't possibly enjoy taking on backyard chefs.

Heck I will switch over to the travel network and watch No Reservations with Anthony Bourdain. Much better show and I love his political incorrectness. Give him a beer and a cig and he will tell you everything you want to know about food. He still refers to emeril as a fuzzy lil ewok.
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LOL! Yeah, that tony dude slays me. Reminds me of me!

Flay is an..well, it's a family board. Suffice to say he's the next thing that's removed from a deer after gutting.
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I watch Throwdown just to watch Flay lose!
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Since we're having a little trash session, my choice would be to duck tape Tyler Florence to the floor, face first. That guy is arrigant! I can deal with Flay; he's earned his stripes. But, Guy Fieri is probably on the top of my list now....well, Alton Brown's up there too....jeez it's bad enough that I'm a geek at work, now I'm a geek on the BBQ forum...PDT_Armataz_01_13.gif
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I would like to see more of Cat Cora...........for purely male reasons. biggrin.gif
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and by more you don't mean more time on air but more......
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Sure beats the image I had yesterday of you in the water pan. LOL
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PDT_Armataz_01_14.gifPDT_Armataz_01_14.gif:PDT_Armataz _01_14: YES!!!!!!PDT_Armataz_01_27.gif
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Now that one made me choke.....LOL! I'm glad I'm not the only one that gets annoyed at his attitude.
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What?? Flay has an attitude?? Gee, I never noticed... wink.gif
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LOL! I knew it......I'm the only one that lets him get on my nerves.biggrin.gif
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There are many big name chefs I would have liked to work for. Flayed is not one of them. As it stand I worked for many very good chefs along the line but the recognizable names would be Charlie Trotter( this was a one night blast. I did get offered a job though) and Todd English.
I am kinda torn on Batalli. I think he could be an absolute jerk in the kitchen. He does some interesting food though.
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I saw the show, and have to disagree with your claims. Low and slow is not the ONLY way to cook a brisket. It's meat just like anything else. His show is designed to give a large array of people new ideas and recipes that they can easily try. If he told the crowd "now, 16 hours in the smoker while paying close attention" about 2 percent of viewers would try it. Those 2 percent are probably on this forum right now. Anyways, I know what ya'll are saying, but at the same time you have to realize the food network's agenda... to make cooking more accessable and fun for the everyday person. As for Flay..... ill wait till Tyler Florence comes on. Im not trying to pick a fight, this is just what i see in food network.
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