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What kind of casing do you guys use? I have only made sausage once and used natural casing and had a few blow outs but otherwise liked using them. What do most store bought brats/sausages use as casings? Seemed like natural casings that I used were not as tough as brats and sausages that I buy from the store.
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I use only naturals. I did buy some of the red colored collegen to try... they worked OK, were hot dog sized, but the meat mix I made up was ,well, less than appealing. It happens. If I ever get to snak Stix production, I guess the collegen's the way to go.
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are the collegen tougher? Is that what most store bought brats are in?
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Why do you need collegen for snack sticks, no naturals that small?
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Hmm mainly appearance I guess. I think lamb is small enough for the stix, but not sure
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We use nothing but natural, I think it is just preference and what you are use to using. Natural is available in pretty much any size, but I feel when you go larger than brat size they get quite expensive. I have used colagen for sticks in the past and find myself taking the casing off before eating as colagen seem tough to chew.
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I think lamb is used for breakfast link sausage and is a little bigger than normal snack sticks. Could make big snack sticks though!
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I use natural when I have them.
Like Mossy said, I find myself taking the collegen casings off before eating, it does seem tough to chew.
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So are you better off to buy the casing that are packed in salt or get fresh ones? I went to a butcher shop when I got mine but from what I understand the salted ones can be stored for a long time and used later.
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I'm using the last of a batch I bought 6 months ago this weekend :{) They may dry out a bit, but just soak 'em for a short while, and they are fine.
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Wouldnt proper cleaning be a problem with natural casings purchased fresh. as oposed to natueal casings commercially pre packaged and vac packed in salt???
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Yer confusing me, Scotty. they are the same thing. ALL naturals come "commercially" packed in salt. And I never seen 'em VacPak'd. You don't go get a tub full of intestines. Well you COULD I suppose... if ya know a farmer/butcher.

Speaking of which... deer casings?!? anyone tried that?
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The ones I got from the butcher were not packed in salt or vac packed. The guy asked how much I needed and I had no idea. I bought the butt there that I was using for the the sausage and told him what I was doing so he cut me off a length and charged me 50 cents for it. He just put it in a small container with some water.
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Those would need to be used soon, or drained and re-salted.
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Vac packed is probably just a mistake.
I havce the impression that if someone purchases natural casings from a local butcher((not the ones sold commercially)) they would be getting intestines from a recently butchere animal

Rich I have used the ones packed in salt and thought it was also a vac pack.smile.gif

I thought that i read that the opiginal poster had purchased intestine from his butcher
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Yes I did purchase them from a butcher, there were clean though and not full of poop.wink.gif
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I guess I said fresh casing and didnt clearly say what I meant by that, I just meant they were not packed in salt.
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IF- he actually did the whole hog, it's possible that you'd get 'em that way, but like I said, for storage, drain and pack with Kosher. I have personally only seen 'em once that way. When my Granddad stuck a hog, put a pan underneath for blood sausage and did the whole deal. I was like 9. And I freaked. but I'm over it now. :{)
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All the natural casings I've ever purchased come from a butcher supply store and they are packed in a salt water brine in what resembles a cottage cheese container. I use sheep for snack stix and breakfast sausage links and hod for brats, knocks, and Italian.

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Yes! Thats the same way I got them.
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