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Scotty and Vlap....heres one for ya...gotta love that cold fresh air...Ahhhh!
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I never could understand ice fishing. An ice fish would melt if you tried to smoke it.
Siceshimi maybeeek.gif
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At least out there you don't have to worry about drinking warm beer...biggrin.gif
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You really know whats importanticon_biggrin.gif
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I'll probably just smoke a butt, make some pulled pork and grind up some more butts for pepperoni sausages.

Picked up another 30 lbs of pork bellies today gonna brine them and make 1 spiced and 1 peppered pancetta. That's probably it.

Oh I'm using my smoker today as a freezer for the meat. Not to bad only around 28 right now.I'm not ready to start winter yet errrggggggghhhhhhh!

My latest batch of fermented salamis are smelling good and growing mold nicely. Should be right in another few weeks.
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got a 6lbs batch of jerky in the dehydrater now and am going to smoke 12 lbs of snack stix on sunday.PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
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Ill be going outside in a few minutes to do the pastramis.

All the northern folks have shamed me into getting outside to smoke no mater how cold it is.

I guess I will have to dress a bit warmer because it 58 degrees F. out there. BRRRRRRRRRRRRPDT_Armataz_01_10.gif
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it's 22* here Scotty ....
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With all my teasing, I miss the mountains and the greenery.

The bike group that i run with is usually planning rallys in areas with tons of scenery. We did southern missouri and northern arkansas last time i went.

Part of living in florida is being good at breaking the ballinas of northerners in the winter time.

Yesterday at the Harley shop a few of us were talking with a snow bird from some where a little north of Niack new york.

He asked if we rode our bikes in the summer heat.

We said definitel. At 70 mph the wind keeps you cool. Stopping in the heat is rough because we are sitting right above our motors.
One of the local guys mentioned however that on certain days even the 70 mph doesnt help much. That is also true.
It gets hotter down where VLAP lives
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pastramis done

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ready to be vac packed

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