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Same here...

Same here......the steam cleaning is on the hot cast iron grates, no need to brush all the insides unless there is excess build up. The baffle under the grates occasionally needs a scrape or the grease can flame up if your are grilling at 500 degrees:-)

Note: Keep all vents and dampers closed when not in use so as not to invite any little critters!!!!!!
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Steam shouldnt kill season.

I agree that you should not lose your seasoning by cleaning too much, but a good steam shouldnt hurt the smokers season, just remove excess gunk. I did this with my old unit and when fired up still smelled great. It is a matter of as Steve said killing the bad things and rinsing them out the drain. Sounds like a good idea to me.
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Any grease left in the bottom of the cooking chamber I putty knife out after the unit is cool. I use a wire brush and a damp cloth on the grates. Clean out the fire box (as the ash collects moisture from the air and promotes rust). I have never cleaned, washed, scraped, or scrubbed the inside. I was told as a young lad just starting with my first ECB to NEVER clean the inside walls after initial seasoning. Don't know if its right or not but its worked for me.
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I was watching Dirty Jobs on TV the other day and they were at some BBQ joint, didn't catch where. One of the jobs was cleaning out the smoker. They said they do it about once a week. They just cleaned out the grease and drippings and such and then gave everything a hit with the pressure washer and a light scrubbing. They said they don't want it TOO clean.

Seems like sound advice to me. Typically I just clean out the grease and such so it doesn't go rancid, maybe throw the grates and drip pan, etc in the dishwasher every once in a while if they get nasty. The rest just gets better with age. I'm pretty sure my little chief has never been cleaned in the 10 plus years I've had it.
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