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how clean is clean?

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OK, got the new smoker set up today! Reading the booklet, I see they recommend cleaning everything with hot soapy water and cleaning out the inside of the smoker every time. How religiously do you follow this kind of advice?
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I clean the racks and water pan everytime, thats all I do.
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Me too.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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yeah.......don't clean out the smoker insides.......you need to cure it first......you clean out the seasonings........you have to re-season it......
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I just do the racks and water pan also , and of course the ash , give the inside walls a scrape when required ( form any build up ) with a putty knife or such , maybe once or twice a year depending on usage , along with hot soapy water if you want ,,, but racks and water pan every use , my .02 worth PDT_Armataz_01_18.gif
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I'm with what Walking Dude says, don't create a need to reseason.
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Clean your racks,every use, clean out your fire box every use, and then wipe off the shaft of your thermometer about every 6-10th use. smoke build.with soap and water and then wipe off with a wet rag
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Just remember, smoker manufactures rarely have a clue about actual smoking and maintenance!!PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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DITTO TO ALL>icon_mrgreen.gif
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I agree racks, water pan and ash pan is all you need most of the time.

If you get a grease build up a putty knife works good or a pressure washer with a degreasing agent.
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If you are not sure what to do, just take every grill you buy, smoke something good in it, then throw it over the hill....ask BBQ bubba to buy you another one....he will :)

if you send him your bacon he also slices it and returns it in pretty little bow wrapped packages!!

bubba da'MAN PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Oops! I must have missed that "Clean after every use" part!

I clean the water pan "Before" every use. (Usually the pan is too hot right after use and the operator is too tired)

I clean the grills with fire and a wire brush before each use for the same reason as above. I am of the blackened grill school, not the shiney grill school

I will clean out any ash and rinse off or replace the lave rocks as needed.

I hose out the cobwebs if I notice any, otherwise it is purification by fire!

Somewhere there is a method for cleaning out birds nest from a smoker I recallPDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Racks yes, inside of smoker NO. I love to open the lid on my smoker and take a deep breath............AHHHHH, the smell. Yum...yum!!!
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Speaking of cleaning the water pan, do you folks line the water pan with foil before each use?
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Yes, it makes the clean up alot easier. As to cleaning the rest of the smoker.....icon_mrgreen.gif Maybe the grates, but never the inside walls. My 32+ year old ECB has not complained yet.
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I have found that lining it with foil can create more of a mess if it springs a leak. So I get an alluminum pan from the store that is about the same size and use that instead the clean up is even easier that way.
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I clean the racks that I use, the others stay out of the smoker so there's no need to clean all the racks all the time. Using dry paper towels, I wipe down the cabinet, but never scrub it. Anything left at the bottom of the cabinet just gets broomed out. I do washout the water pan after each use.
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specific cleaning for langs per their web site

While smoker still hot a light water spray and close lid. According to Ben Lang the steam will do most of work for you if you do this and open drain at bottom. Finish by scraping grease pan if needed and wiping down outs ide of unit. Think i got that right but you can go to www.pigroast.com for complete info.
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I am with Shooter on steam--really works, but you need heat to make it!

Good habit----- If you go to 350 before every cook, you have killed all those little ba***rds(germs) then , just wash em away with water and steam out your drain hole. Oh yeah, save your deep fry oil and keep things well oiled too:-)

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i don't understand you guys at all............why do you want to lose all that seasoning?
and then have to reseason...........i clean the grills well............but i just use a putting knife and just scrap any extra fat/grease out?

like flash said, i have ecbs that have NEVER been cleaned in over 30 years........

d88de just scratches his head
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