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Sugar differences.....

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Aloha, I'm trying to refine the rib rub that I am working on. I've been using brown sugar in the mix. How would adding a little white cane sugar affect things? Any thoughts of the differences between the two? I am planning to combine both types. But before I do, I thought I'd look to SMF for pointers. Any suggestions as to a ratio of brown sugar to white sugar that I should consider? I am planning to do another batch of baby back ribs this weekend.
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im going to hijack your thread a little to ask an additional question icon_mrgreen.gif

whats the difference between light brown sugar and dark brown sugar?
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"Different Types of Sugar
The most obvious difference between types of sugars used in the home is color.

When sugar has been extracted from the juice of the beet or cane plant, a strong tasting black syrup (known as molasses) remains. When white sugar is made, the molasses are entirely removed, whereas brown sugars retain varying amounts of this natural syrup. The more molasses in brown sugar, the stickier the crystals, the darker the color and the stronger the flavor. However, the presence of molasses does not change sugar's nutritional value."

I would think that the molasses also adds some "sticking power" to help the rub adhere to the meat. JMHO
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poi dog, I would use Turbinado sugar. It has a higher burn point than regular brown sugar or white sugar.
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Turbinado is also lower in calories, and I know we are all worried about keeping our girlish figures....mine is like a big ol' German gal (sorry German ladies)PDT_Armataz_01_24.gif
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Turbinado, with the higher melting point, is also pleasing texturally. It will still have a "bite" to it when it comes off the smoker.
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Okay .....I'll give it a try ...I will use Turbinado sugar in place of the brown sugar. Would I need to adjust the portions? Lets say I use 1/2 cup or brown sugar in the rub I am working on. Do I replace the brown sugar with an equal amount of Turbinado sugar? Mahalo..Thanks to all....I really like this place..
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Turbinado sugar works great in rub and doesn't burn as much. It tend to be more coarse than brown sugar. I'd use leass and taste the rub. Most are pretty sweet anyway. It works great for smoked teriaki too BTW
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White sugar=white bread. Same boring thing- Just sweeter. I use it only in coffee. guess if I baked anything that would change, but I don't. Err...can't. well, whatever, you see the point.
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i use the darkest brown sugar i can find at our local grocery store...

it works alot better than the "light" brown sugar
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I use Turbinado if I use any sugar at all. I have been experimenting with Palm Sugar. But, for the most part I would love to leave out the sugar completely. I have been experimenting with that as well.
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