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No, not a Brinkman, but the same design.
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i agree mike............i have three of em as i said..........

for the small smokes........they can't be beat
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Tried to post yesterday but power went out. So what follows is how my day went.

Saturday: Left home about mid day for Walmart (to buy the ECB even though we are in the middle of an ice storm) and was lucky they still had 1 ECB left. Waited for 30 min. do to the fact only 2 registers were up do to a partial power outage. Put the box on the counter when all power went out and the safety lights came on. I was informed that she could not ring my purchase and I and all others in line would have to leave there carts where they sat and go because the store was going to close. Bummer!!!

Drove over to my daughters to see the grandkids and told my son-in-law my story and about how I wanted the ECB and my newfound interest in getting a smoker. He laughed and asked me to follow him the the garage. He climbed up to his storage area which is an 8' high platform above the shop area. (his garage is two cars wide and deep). He handed down to me a box and said he had received this as an award 8-10 years ago at his job and I could have it as he had no interest.

So now I am the owner of a free brand new in the never opened box smoker. It is a Char-Broil Electric Water Smoker #46-54512.
So for free I will proceed with this unit as my first Smoker.
Thanks to all for your advise and help on the ECB but your not off the hook.
Any thoughts or advice on this unit?
Any threads on this unit?
Any modifications?
Again thank you for your help!!!
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yeah.........check out this site..........

maybe turn into propane.....better control........i myself, prefer charchol, but at times propane is easier
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Can you get us a pic??
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Don't have a pic. but here is a scan from the instruction manual.

It shows a reflector plate in bottom with electric heat coil above that. It says to put 3 chunks or 1 1/2 cups of chips soaked on ref-plate for smoking. Is this normal for electric smokers or is there a better way to do this?

Attachment 6613

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ahhhh.........soaking chips and chunks is a on going debate here.......BUT.....water and lectric don't mix...........

just a thought
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You got a good deal there!! Place dry chunk's on the plate and smoke away! Don't forget sand pan mod!
Never seen one with a thermostat but give it a shot and let us know!wink.gif
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Hey free is even better than $28! What a deal! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Thanks All!!!

Dude - I see your point on wet chunks - I have seen where some have put a chip box on the elec. coil?

Bubba - what is the sand pan mod? Is there some thread that shows mods for the Char-Broil Elec?
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don't know bout the lectric coil........but i put em (the chip box)on the flame of

but to me......wouldn't be any diff, then using a hotplate......but i don't have any experince along those lines
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Bro, put the chunks right on the plate, i believe the element will heat that up, use DRY chunks, 2 at a time the size of your fist!
Keep the chunk's OFF the element!
The sand pan mod. is the water pan, wrapped in foil, filled with sand about 3/4 the way and then topped with another piece of foil.
Sand stabilizes the heat swings better than liquid and when your done, replace the top piece of foil!PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif Make's life a LOT easier!!
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I got an ECB Smoke N Grill a couple of days ago.... I really like this forum!! ... I did all the mods, moved the legs outside and set the pan on top of a couple of 12" landscape blocks, drilled a hole on top of the lid and put a real thermometer in it,  drilled a few holes in the charcoal pan and added a grate inside .............. WOW, what a great little smoker after the mods!  Since yesterday smoked chicken and babybacks.


Chicken came out great, and I did the babybacks using the 211 method,  perfect... Oh and this was my first time smoking!


Great forum..... 

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Hey guys, don't forget to swing by the ECB Group and join up. We offer support for ECB Addicts, lol all are welcome. Show us your mods, what you are cooking or just hang out!

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After reading all the mods on this forum I came up with my own little twist on the mod that requires re-mounting the legs on the outside. I had purchased this little trash can as an ash can to save all the coals that didn't burn completely (because of the lack of ventilation).

The ash that's in the can now is from the first attempt of this new mod. On the first attempt I put all the reclaimed coals in the fire pan to start the smoke of a couple racks of babybacks.

I used a landscaping timber spike to punch a bunch of holes into the fire pan and then I set it on top of the ash can (not pictured are 3 metal clips that I pulled out of my garage and put between the can and the pan to allow for some ventilation.

I then can set the rest of the smoker over the the fire pan.

This idea actually worked out great because when it came time to stoke the coals the ash fell down into the can below and allowed the coals to burn completely. On the second attempt I filled the pan with regular charcoal and the coals lasted for the duration of a 2-2-1 smoke of a rack of babyback ribs.

The legs aren't long enough so I had to use some broken pavers to prop up the smoker. I plan on going to the hardware store to find some replacement legs before my next smoke.


I know I should have taken photos while I was actually smoking the ribs but I was so caught up in the experiment that it slipped my mind. These photos were taken the day after when I was working on cleaning up. The temperature stayed well into the "Ideal" range for the entire 5 hours and I never had to add more coals. I can't wait to try a pork butt!

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You gotta love it! Great idea ... The things we do to make sure these "ECB's" don't get the best of us ... LOL!

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ain't that the truth. I'm always out fooling with mine. My wife thinks I'm certifiable... 

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Here's a photo of my Smoke 'N Grill with the modified legs. Whenever I need to stoke the coals, add wood or more coals I just lift it off. This is the second smoke with these legs, the first time I smoked 3 rack of baby backs using 2-2-1 on 1 pan of coals. This photo was taken after 1 hour of smoking 3 racks of baby backs with Apple wood, The temp is the best I've seen so far.

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At that price, I'd grab it and convert it to electric.  Conversion kits readily available.  Lots of mods here and online.

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Lol kinda like I did..
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