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Custom built

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Thought I'd show off a grill the company I work for built and donated to the local public golf course. It was designed by one of our engineers and fabricated by our weld & machine shops. You can cook with propane, charcoal or use it as a smoker. It rotates 360 degrees on the base to adjust for wind direction.

The flames were the fabricators idea, not in the original plan! tongue.gif

Drip pan & flame shield

Cooking grate

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Beautiful! I want one! Nice work! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Ya, only an engineer would toss away perfectly good hinges and install a pulley system PDT_Armataz_01_25.gif
Really, very nice cooker, plan's on another?? Curious as to how it works, not sure how you could smoke on it, will you get a chance to see it in action?? biggrin.gif
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now thats one nice lookin custom rig , oh no I want another smokereek.gifPDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
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They used pulleys for the upper portion because it weighs over 500lbs. It's built from 1/4" steel, the entire assembly weighs close to 1 ton.

I've not had a chance to see it in action (don't play golf!), I can't say if they've ever tried smoking anything with it or not. I doubt they build another, we're in the business of making electricity, building grills isn't really what we're about.
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Nice looking, do you think you'll get any pics of them cooking on it?
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i see hinges in one shot bubba........i think maybe the pulleys are to use this as a grill surface for BUNCHES of steaks burgers hotdogs......my home golf course has steak nite every thursday..........and maybe the hinge door to have a opening for misting/mopping when smoking?

the i bet the cost of building this would be prohibitive..........

would love to see q-view of this in action also........

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oppps.......figures......as i was typing a response, the dude answered the question......hehehe.......welcome to MY werld..........

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That looks awesome sisco!
I like the fact that you can move it for wind direction. My cooker is so heavy, it's a pain to move.
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Nice size, I like it !!! Pretty tough for someone to steal that out of the back yard.
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I apologize Sisco, i didn't notice the firebox in the last pic!!PDT_Armataz_01_20.gif
Looks like you might be able to smoke after all, nontheless, awesome build!! You guy's obviously take pride in your work!! cool.gif
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I'm still trying to figure out why the first pic doesn't show up.
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THAT is a manly grill. You just don't "spritz" ANYTHING on a grill like that!
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i think you guys should be in the grill building busines instead.very niceicon_smile.gif
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Nice tenderloin smoker
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rich......i would spritz 15 briskets on there.........wouldn't YOU??!!!!!!!

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pretty cool build!! Hats off to y'all!
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Almost forgot, we've got another one, built on a trailer. It's available for free use by just about anyone that asks to borrow it. They built a griddle to fit over the top of the cooking grate, now & then at work we cook breakfast for 150 employees on it. I'll see if I can find some pics of it in action.
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Nice looking smoker Sisco - I sure hope that cable never lets go while someones mopping or turning though! Any safeties on that system?

Sorry I used to be an elevator/crane inspector - seen some nasty accidents.
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