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Canadian BBQ????

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So my friends and I get together once a year for "Hockey Day". It's ussually a saturday when a lot of hockey games are on. (of course we have the hockey package for all US and Canadian hockey games along with XM Radio tuned to HOME ICE). We watched the games, drink Molson and Labbats, do shots of Canadian Mist, etc. This year I want to BBQ for it. Any ideas for a signature Canadian BBQ dish? I know every region basically has there own style of BBQ and I'm curious if anyone has any info on Canadian BBQ.
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Smoked Canadian Bacon Pizza !!!
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Grilled hamburgers (Canadian Hockey Pucks)
Definitely the Canadian Bacon...really easy to produce and excellent
Maple "Leaf" smoked pork
Quebec (French) Fries
Salad w/1000 Island dressing
Niagra Falls Cocktail
Maid of the Canadian Mist shots
Across the border Clinton Chicken
Eh! are you baked yet beans

See how I digressed!!! PDT_Armataz_01_04.gif

BTW, here's a link to Canadian Open BBQ Championship...
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I hate to rain on your parade ... but we eat pretty much the same as the states with of course regional differences.

I don't know anyone here that drinks Canadian Mist, Canadian Club is popular (why I don't know) Crown Royal (a big yes)

You could try Poutine as a side.

What you guys call Canadian bacon, we call back bacon or peameal bacon.

You could try Montreal Smoked meat ... a variation on pastrami or corned beef.

If in doubt ... add some Maple Syrup to a Pecan pie instead of sugar!
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Whatever you decide to Q , be sure to wash it down with some canadian beer ( molson canadian or moosehead comes to mind wink.gif ) none of that light stuff either PDT_Armataz_01_27.gif , keep to the 5 % and up stuff icon_mrgreen.gif
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Molson's Rickard's Red for me ... on draft!
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MossyMo has my vote. Easy on the taste buds and still good with brew!
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I was fortunate to be a judge at several of these events!
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Oh man poutine!! I love that stuff.
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How about ragout with smoked meatballs?
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Thanks for the suggestions everyone. I think im gonna try the Montreal Smoked Meat

Squeezy, send some Molson Dry this way. I love the stuff and they don't sell it in the states. I bring a case back with me everytime I venture to Canada, but it never lasts more than a day or 2.
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I'd love to help you out ... but I don't get to New Jersey very often! PDT_Armataz_01_31.gif
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Gee Mom ... I didn't know ragout was Canadian? I thought it was a French entree!
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