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hey hey hey

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Hey guys and gals (if any around). I have been on here before but never really been an active poster. I have one of the Rocky mountains or smokey mountains propane smoker and I make sure I use it every weekend and try some night smokes during the week too. I have smoked everything from butts, abt's, chickens whole and quartered, turkey's (brined and un brined), briskets, salmon, meatloaf, potatoes (must be fork tender first), fatties and probably some more i am forgetting. So now i look to you guys to be my yoda and help me with a problem. I am having a slight problem with some flare ups. I have used this same smoker for more than a year now without any real problems. It seemed i was losing a lot of smoke from around the seal of the door, so i tried to counter that by closing the vent at the top. that worked ok for a while but then it seemed like the bark was dry or burnt. so when i went back to opening it half way, the wood chuncks have been catching fire. I use an 8 inch (give or take) cast iron skillet to hold the chunks is. any help would be greatly greatly appreciated. thanks.
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I wouldn't close the top vent, you don't want smoke trapped in the cabinet, safety issue. Look for too much air intake, which would fuel the fire. Also check the door for improvement of seal. Good luck.
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Yup, what Rich said leave that top vent open. Me thinks that the "dry or burnt" bark you speak of was creosote build up... nasty stuff!
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I swear this sounds familiar PDT_Armataz_01_22.gif
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Welcome Derrick to smf. Keep coming round for some great smokin info.
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Welcome to SMF, with the subject line I thought it was Fat Albert "Hey, hey, hey" !!!

As what has already been said, you should leave the top vent wide open. If you need more heat, add fuel and/or more oxygen to the heat source.
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Doesn't that smoker have little vents on the bottom sides also? If it does use those to control heat & smoke and leave the top open for air flow.
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