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I never used a horizontal,my 25 vertical has always worked very well for me.Easy to use,I can make most sausages without any help.All I can say is get a good one,spend the extra,you wont be sorry.I too thought I didnt need a big stuffer but found out once I had it I made a lot more because of the ease.By looking at mine I dont think Ill ever ever wear it out.Id say Ill get to old to lift the damn thing before it wears out,it has to weigh 75 lbs.
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Debi, you can get them pretty cheap and if somebody just wanted to experiment with small quantities of sausage would they work? You can get a #10 with attachments pretty cheap
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Blackhawk -

I replaced that knuckle buster last fall with the 5 lber from Grizzly - anything bigger i'd have to build a new kitchen and I just did that!

I love Davids 25 lber but he'd have to come over and set it on the counter for me! That things almost as tall as me! Maybe when I get there David! Maybe when I get there! icon_smile.gif

Heck maybe I'll just borrow yours eh? PDT_Armataz_01_27.gif
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5 lbs lem.

i bought one last year thier 100 bucks and worth every penney. metal gears will never where out,and i have two friends whose stuffers with plastic or fiber gears have broken.
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What ya'll think of this kit?
Anyone ever use the LEM seasonings? seems like this kit would get me started. How about the price, does it seem ok?

Hey Deb, whats a cheese press?
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Huh..looks like a decent deal to me. Before ya know it, you'll be eschewing the pre-mixed stuff and developing your's as addictive as smoking! :{)
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I'm thinking the same thing but want to start out with the pre mixed stuff just to give me a starting point. A few years ago I did make some andouille sausage a few years ago, for gumbo since I couldnt find any around hear, and did it from scratch. It turned out pretty good but had to use my dads grinder with the stuffer attachment and it was a pain.
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Yeah. Well, I have posted my opinion those a couple times. They pretty much suck. Apress is the only way to go, short of a commercial grinder/stuffer. Hmmm they must have a different feed mechanisim in those, other than the grinding feed drive. Have to check that out one day.

At any rate- enjoy! It's a blast! Also I did some large caseless Summer a couple weeks back that came out well. PM me if ya'd like the method I used.
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Northern Tool has the same stuffer as the Grizzly for the same price and if you happen to have a store near you, you can look at it.

Santa is bringing me the LEM with the metal gears (if I keep being a good boy). It looks like its the same except for the plastic vs metal. It's about $100 on Amazon.

-=- Jerry -=-
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I just looked at the 15lb stuffer at Northern Tool. Pretty nice PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

If I was looking for one, and didn't have one, I wouldn't hesitate to buy this one, and I'm very picky, considering I use to make sausage professionally.

For $170, I think it's worth it. Like one of the other guys stated, buy it, use it, and if it doesn't work like you really want it to, return it.


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Although mine is well seasoned, I wipe it down with Pam after each use.
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Yes, the cast iron stuffers work well, you just have to "maintain" them a bit more than any stainless steel units.
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Well thanks for all the info guys but I dont think I'm going to get one yet. Talked to my dad last night and he has one of those big jerky cannons and he said it has an attachment for making brat size sausages. There is also a smaller breakfast size attachment, he said he has used the smaller size and it worked fine but has not used the bigge size. So I thought I would give that a try and see how it worked. Someone has already given him 2 deer this year so we have some meat to use and are going to try a few different things. Have any of you used one these for making sausages?
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The jerky guns work and work pretty well; it is just with their capacity you will be reloading more often than actually filling a casing. It should work well to give you an idea if a stuffer is something you really want. Be sure and post pics of your sausages !!!
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I have a small jerky gun that have used to make jerky and it is a pain to load up all the time, but my dad has the bigger one but still not sure how much it holds but I would guess about 2 pounds. I have seen where you can buy spare barrels for about 10 bucks so that might be an option.
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That's the one I just bought.. nice stuffer, great for hobby stuffing.. 5 to 10 lb batch is all I can make & store in one stuffing, a 10 lb would've been an overkill for me.. your mileage may vary.
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