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Leftover rub

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Aloha, This weekend I smoked some baby back ribs. I have about a cup of leftover rub. I've got it in an airtight container. Will it last until this weekend? There's enough to do 2 chickens.
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You bet, it would last even longer that that.
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Well rub consists of dry spices That all have a really long shelf life!
Have you ever seen a exp date on paprika? Caking will probably be your only issue if you store it for a long time. I grantee you'll use it before you have any problems. I make my rub in large quantity's being I use it allot.
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Thanks for the info. I am currently working on a rub I like. As soon as I am happy with it, I will definitely consider making em in larger quantities than I am making em now.
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Keep all species in air tight containers, and away from any heat. Air and heat will diminish shelf life, otherwise it's good for over a month with ease. Enjoy the trial and error, there's a light at the end of the tunnel!
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An old trick is to toss a bit of rice in the rub. It'll act as a dessicant and absorb any excess moisture. Then just dump thru a strainer,or use a sifter to remove rice.
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I seem to be following Rich tonight.

Rice works great save a large spice bottle and reused it the rice doesn't fit through the holes from powdered spices.
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