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Can I convert to Gas?

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I have a charcoal powered GOSM and would like to buy or build a gas conversion kit. Has anyone done this? I don't want to buy a gas smoker because as of now...I would rather use charcoal. But after the the "Kentucky Tenderizer" (aluminumfoil) goes on, the smoker is no more than an oven. So why not gas?icon_confused.gif

It would really be neat if I could slide out the fire box and shove a burner through the bottom during a smoke!!! Sort of like a pit stop.
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I would like to see an answer to this. I have been thinking of converting my brinkman verticle to a gas model. The charcoal just doesn't seem to cut it in this model. I will be looking for a stick burner as well.
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You could use a side burner from a gas grill that gives you the control valve and burner . I have one on a smoker I built very much like a gosm . I just unbolted it from the rails , pluged the hose to the grill burner and was good to go. you can find these every where most people toss these grills having never using the side burner. good luck hope this helps
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Where there is a will there is a way. I have a GOSM gassser and if you look at the pictures of one it seems you could cut a hole in the bootom of yours and put a ring around the burner and mount to it and you should be fin. Good luck with your adventure and show some pics when you get-r-dun.
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Check this site out.
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NO............that would be cheating!! icon_mrgreen.gif
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I have used this conversion, on a Brinkman Gourmet Charcoal unit..they work fantastic..If you don't see what you are looking for, give ED a call, and he will work something out for you..
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Sounds to me you want some type of hybrid. Personally I don't care for gas. I don't like the taste it gives my meat.I like the charcoal taste espicially if I'm grillin.

Why don't ya just finish it in the oven?
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If there is a will, there is a way so keep on trying and you will achieve your goal soon.
In order to get more information about it , you should visit
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Cust hole in SFBSet it and forget it...

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