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Woodworking Plans

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I know we have many accomplished wood workers, carpenters, and cabinet makers within the membership. I don't consider myself in the same category, so I often look at someone elses plan. I found a nice web site that carries and sells plans at a reasonable price. You can download files in PDF format. They are clear, good use of color, and easy to understand. Here is the web site http://www.plansnow.com/index.html

P.S. I just bought a new table saw in anticipation of some work on the new dig. This should be another learning curve...
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Nice link Richoso. Alway nice to have another source for tools. Thanks

PS Good luck on the new digs!
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Thanks for the site, always looking for some different plans.
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Thanks, I am always up to some project or another....
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Rich what TS did you buy?
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I'm also just getting into woodworking. Thanks for the link. It looks like it has a lot of potential.
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Thanks for the link Rich!smile.gif
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cool site .... thanks for the post...
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I am going to back up Rich's approval of the site! Excellent service and selection. They have a newsletter and offer all sorts of neat discounts and their library of available plans is truly extensive.

They also have quite a few free plans.

Then there are the shop tips, and free advice.

The site is a must for novice and pro alike!

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Good site Rich!
I am looking for plans to build a roll around cart that I can store all my smoking paraphrenalia in, thermometers, trays, cutting boards, knives, aluminum foil, paper towels, mitts, lighter, electric charcoal lighter, chimney, rubs, spices, etc. I want the top to be 90% cutting board for prep and easy to clean. I want a closeable top that covers the entire top of the cart. A small "cold storage area" for "something cool to drink" would be a plus, so I don't dehydrate rolleyes.gif (hey, it gets HOT here)
It needs large enough wheels it can navigate unpaved yard areas, pneumatic I think.
Don't want much. icon_cool.gif I'm thinking, it could happen. I may start drawing plans at any time.
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Geez, Mike!

Sounds like your project will need about fifteen horsepower and an overweight permit! icon_biggrin.gif

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Another good site

This site is like a SMF for woodworkers. Like here there are some astoundingly skilled artisans. http://www.forums.woodnet.net/ubbthr...hreads.php?Cat=

This site has lots of very high end tools. You won't be able to find these at HD. Enjoy
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Weeeeellllllll.............. I do have an 8hp electric start Briggs in the garage. NOW you got me really thinking.
I'm staying strictly off-road though, no permits.
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Free plan site

Here is the link I use- all free plans- trillions of them. I am a licensed commercial contrator in 5 states and have a full blown wood working shop in my barn, where I build fine furnature as a hobby. Check this link:


In the search window type what you want to build and bingo...
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Thank you jmedic and NoContest! I've added these links to my favorites.smile.gif

(there goes the rest of my free time..biggrin.gif )
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I am also a member of WoodNet and the Wood forum. I also have all the Woodsmith and Wood magazines from the beginning of time... There are countless projects in the magazines and I have used many of them mostly for ideas as I like to design most of my projects. I did once buy a plan from Norm Abram's site to build my router table and it turned out awesome.

Woodworking is my passion but somehow I got bit by the smoking bug and now my woodworking has taken a back seat for the time being... lol
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I here ya on the smoke bug! I'm actually thinking of using some of my wood stock in my side burner.
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I collect all kinds of wood for projects. I recently tore down an old cedar fence on my side yard that was pretty well gone. I love to make projects out of scraps and leftovers. I'm currently using the cedar fencing to build a log cabin bird feeder I designed last year.

A couple of weeks ago I went to my barn to bring down some fire wood for the house and realized that it was kirk walnut I have had for about 3 years. So I cut some up with my band saw and used it with some oak to smoke a couple of chickens... Turned out great. The walnut is really mild and worked well with the white oak I had from an old fence post...

Here is a picture of my bird feeder made entirely out of scrap cedar except for the roof base. I cut the shingles out of cedar and glue them to ¼" plywood...


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Wow! That's nice rodbuilder!!
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Hey Gary, i'm in the same boat, but let me ask you this, have you thought about selling your woodworking tool's to buy metal fab tool's???
All i want to do now is build pit's!!PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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