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I agree. I just like to eat. Going to drop this thread now, because I don't want to get into some big deal over it. I just happen to like Tri tip and wish you were able to enjoy it.

Weather here is finally starting to turn. But getting increasingly bad. We have several different changes per day. Frost last night, warmed 15 degrees by noon. Switched to blue sky and bright sun for an hour. And now, looking out the window it is turning dark and starting to rain again.

Ocean conditions are turning bad as well. I can see a half mile strip, from shore to about a mile out, from my office window. It doesn't look good. Big swell and rough surf. Dungie season opens on 12/1 and the comm'l guys are hoping it lays down. We seem to loose someone ever opener. Hope we break the cycle this year.

I have two open water dives for next weekend. Certification dives for my next step toward Master. They won't be cancelled for weather, as much as I would like that. So, I need some cooperation from mother nature, too.

This link should get you to the Yaquina Jetty Cam. Just paste it in the old browser. One click and you are back home!! It will let you keep an eye on us and make you feel a little closer to home. John's brewery is only about a hundred yards behind the camera. I'll buy you a Rogue Ale. In fact, next time you are in town, we will go down and tie one on. How does that sound?

Take care and always good to hear from you.

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Damn! Your on Skip! I'd love to do that I can't believe this, that almost made me cry to see those cam views. If you see John or his wife Stacy you better tell them hi from me, it's sure to earn you a free beer. Man it's so cool to be able to see my old home from my desk here. My folks had a condo at the Embarcadero and I used to see that same view of the bridge from their deck on the second level of the condos there. Man that's just too close to home. Thanks ever so much.
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I wasn't going to post any more to this thread, but something happened on the way home from work, and I wanted to share. This supports what both, myself and Mobcounty have been saying.. "The Price Is Going Up".

We have a 'Pot Luck' at work tomorrow, so droppped by for some Japalinos. Going to make some ABT's to take in. Wandered by the meat dept and spotted a ton of Tri Tips.

Are you sitting down???????

Today's fresh cut were $7.99 per pound. A couple days old and ready to move into hamburger were $4.99 a pound. Even those were in the discount bin. Needless to say, I snagged a couple of New Yorks and headed for the checkstand.

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just like flank steak has went up, once every one knew it makes the best jerky..........its up round 7 bux/lb..........

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Hehe, don't worry about me Skip, my tri-tip opinion is my own and I'm certainly not going to worked up about learning and hearing from differing opinions on the internet, it's what makes forums fun! icon_mrgreen.gif

I will also add, that my opinion is based on tri-tip roasts.

At lunch, I did ask a chef friend of mine who swears by tri tip how he likes to cook them. He said he, sears the cut a couple of minutes on each side in very HIGH heat. then lets it sit off to the side of the fire at a low/warm heat until it is cooked. Slice it against the grain to serve.
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You're making me hungary now. I just couldn't believe todays price. Sure got lots of it in the case so somebody must be paying that much.

But, it's not me.

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I have yet to ever see a tip, and have asked a couple butchers, and only one had even HEARD of one. Seems same thing happened to my beloved Oxtail, which I used to get for like .89Lb. SOMEONE found out it's an AWESOME stew/soup meat. Sigh... last I seen was 3.99. Crap.
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Hey bro, keep your eye's open at would you believe........Kroger.
Every once in a while they have em in stock, and even at $7.99 a lb. it's cheaper than strips or ribeye's..........seared over high heat and then smoked till 135*........oh baby that;s good stuff!!icon_mrgreen.gif
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Yeah, but since us q'ers can take a hunk of damn near anything and makeit great...I can't see paying 8 an Lb. altho... I wanna try a prime! A nice 4 bone...yum! Okie sear, maple/apple smoke, the Vinegar James B. Beam mop...arrggghhh!

Thanks for the tip...<heh>tho. I'll look today just for grins ;{)
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To all of the Michigan folks the Costco in Brighton usually carries tri tips. I was looking at them a couple of weeks ago. To me they resemble a cut of beef called flap meat. I'm wondering if they are they same cut as I was looking for flap meat for kabobs and thought I had found them but they were labled tri tip. Next time in I'll pick some up and see what I can do with them.

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I live in mass
I just rubed down a nice untrimmed tri tip. I got it from a butcher that cut it off the sirloin for me. You can get trimmed tri tip at anoher btcher but they are no good for smoking.
I LOVE a smoked trI tip, bettwr than a brisket.
It is very yard to find an untrimmed piece but worth the effort!
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Do you have a Smart and Final there?  They have excellent tri and last time I bought it there it was half of what the other stores were charging.  I also know that Sam's Cluib and Costco carries.  Different regions of the US use different name for cuts that is just weird.  Good Luck

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Smoked TriTip is awesome. I make them all the time.  I use several different rubs but my faorite rub is a Java rub from a former member here. They sell the rub so I cant share the rub here on the forum. I do love some rubbed with garlic powder salt and pepper.  

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Found a tri tip at my local Cub store today.  First time I've ever seen one here.  Gonna throw in on the smoker saturday.  Anyone have any tips or suggestions?  Should I marinade or use a dry rub?  I'm thinking of just a basic montreal steak seasoning and some quality time in the smoke vault!

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I did one last weekend, And had other things in the cooker as well,


Key here is not to overcook the dam thing like I did, I ended up med-well, and you know the rest of the story! lol


Low 225-250, slow..... I like chunks or splits, Hickory, Pecan, mesquite/ charcoal... blend of lump and briquette.


Did a sirloin tip (7-8lbs) ,,, That was really good,,,, used rub, Next time gonna try a injection blend of soy, beef broth, and Worcestershire 

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