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A Hott Butt 6-15 style

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I have been a bit remiss in posting Q-view folks...sorry. Just been "gittin-R-done" I guess. But before I go pull this baby, thought I'd post a pict of the Hott Butt.

This was the first time I tried injecting, since I was going for a particular flavor characteristic here...HEAT!

Mixed 2 Tbsp Smitty's 6-15 with cider vinegar, bacon drippings and Michelob Amber Bock, CBP, and a bit of salt- simmered for a few on stove. Let it cool and injected.

After a mustard rub, I added 2 more tablespoons of 6-15 <for a total of 3> to my usual rub mix.

My mop contained 3 more tablespoons 6-15!

Yes, it has a nice ziiinnng! to it. not overpowering, but a nice slow..ummm "glow" I guess is how I'd describe it. And is delicious! I'm becoming a big fan of those li'l pita breads... 2 bite sammies!

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Great bark! (Woof, woof!- err I mean Meeeooow!)

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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You got a hot butt rich!icon_eek.gif
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Nice pic richtee, makin me hungry
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What is 6-15??confused.gif
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Have not you been paying attention Bubba?

My Bro-in-law's custom ground pepper mix. Quite a few folks have gotten samples from me. So named because after ya try it, you can breathe again after 6 beers and 15 min.!
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Nice butt Rich.
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Good looking butt there Rich, how long did it take? I did one yesterday for 12 hours, it was a 7.5lb butt.
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Bout 11 for 6lbs., but the ECB's a little cold blooded. I wrapped her in a blankie, but prolly averaged 220°. Finished at like 9PM, outside was 22°. Brr!
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Say Tee, now that's a butt that will give your tongue a nice flare-up! Great looking bark too, all in all a great smoke.
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Well I don't see any flames shooting up from the North Western skies ... how was it hon? Looks tastey!
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Rich, Very nice looking. Thanks for info on how to handle the cold temps as I have yet to try smoking when it is cold. I would like to try that hotter recipe too.
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