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Thanks for the welcome guys.
Heres how I have been doing it,,

I put the sawdust/chips on the smoker base.

Then the tray with the fish (today its 'sole' icon_razz.gif ) We usually do the brown suger/spices thing.

put the lid on

and put it over the gas ring

on a medium heat for 15-20 mins and you,ve got a beautiful meal.

my new project is the weaponry shell container. I have put 4 hooks in the lid to hold the venison/mutton legs. It will involve a bit of trail and error with regard to temp/time etc. I also have to work out a way to regulate the amount of smoke to escape as it is airtight (not now obviously, i drilled 4 small holes in the lid).

finally, this is where i live, looking out over the farm to the Kaipara Harbour . Nice spot if you like sea food and venison.... which I do.

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Welcome aboard!! I think you are our first NZ member! My brother spent 6 months over there training guys to work for Asplundh. He met a girl on South Island that he was going to bring back home, I talked to her once on the phone and had a really hard time understanding her. She was tring to tell me she received my letter, but pronounced letter - "litre". She never made it over here btw...He said it's a beautiful country. You mentioned dairy farm, what kind of animals...I think of cows when you say dairy...
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yes, dairy cows. 320 of the lovely old biddies, twice a day, 7 days a week.

gives the fish and deer a break icon_wink.gif

There is an aweful lot of Americans in NZ at the moment. Must be the dollar , we get on very well with them. Get a lot of tourists putting up their tent for the night inone of our paddocks.
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I grew up around a lot of dairy farms in the state of Maine and now live in a big dairy area so I can appreciate the backbreaking schedule you keep with that size herd!

My best to ya!

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Welcome Kiwi, I'm pretty new here to this forum also, I live in Montreal , Quebec ,Canada. I've wanted to visit your continent, maybe someday in the mean time welcome and keep smokingPDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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