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Saw a new toy

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Saw a stainless steel griddle to be placed on the grill. Had grease drain, looked well made. $49. Anyone tried one?
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I havent used stainless as a griddle, but love my cast iron griddle. No hot spots, it evenly distributes and holds heat great, pre-seasoned, easy maintance etc. Got mine from Cabelas for a $39. It's double sided, one w/ ridges for grilling, and a flat side with grease catch.
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I expect cast would be better....should have other applications also. Thanx.
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Greasy -

Camp Chef has some really nice cast iron griddles!
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I have the same griddle as GoFish. Will not part with it and looking to buy another!

Once properly seasoned and all it is a snap to clean. And, as mentioned, heat is uniform.

Stainless will always have hot spots and given the wrong circumstance, can be a bear to clean properly. Stick with what works! Cast Iron works for me!

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so does lodge.............

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Darn you greasy! Now I went and bought their new sausage hanger upper thingy for our smoker! wink.gif
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Cast Iron here too. Wouldn't trade it for the world. Well, maybe a Griswold.
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that upper sausage hangin thiingy dingy ,is that for the smoke vault?PDT_Armataz_01_09.gif
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Yes it is Bill
one for the 18" and

one for the 24"

- it's new wasn't there last month! Gotta watch which one you order but it's looks like i'd work well!
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I've got the same cast iron as GoFish and Monty. Have had it for years. Like the others, I just love it and wouldn't part with it for anything.
It has a variety of uses but gets most of it's use, stir frying veggies or sautéing fish fillets on the BBQ Grill, with a smoker box running right beside it.


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