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My Turkey day project

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I didn't think I would have any trouble getting our turkey smoked in time to eat today since we were eating "Thanksgiving supper". As it is, I sure am glad I got up early anyway.

I got everything ready yesterday and was all set to go, I thought....I even test fired the smoker, and had the box loaded with chips. Unlike some of the rest of you I was able to get out of the wind and even had a fire pit going on the deck to keep the chill off ( it was 19 deg here this morning) but when I went out to light the GOSM this morning, it wouldn't light!! The regulator was FUBAR!! Have you ever noticed how tha cold brings out th worst in everything? I even removed it and tried warming it up, but it was no go.... I was sure I wouldn't find a replacement anywhere on Thanksgiving, and I was right. I also wasn't too keen on smoking it in the ECB if I didn't have to.

Lucky for me I had some pipe fittings and was able to make an adapter and use the regulator from my turkey fryer to save the day.... I also found out that it's easier to use the adjustable regulator and set the temp than trying to fine tune the knob on the GOSM, so at least that was an advantage...

As luck would have it I was able to get the bird on by 10:30 AM and was able to pull it and carve it by 6:00pm. It came out pretty darn good. I started soaking it in brine on Tues evening. ( I finally got to try the recipe for "Shakes honey brine") I had to tip the carving board and drain the juices off so I wouldn't make a mess. It was that juicy!!

Sadly, I never got time for dessert since I got called into work to repair a critical instrument right after we started eating, but now that I'm back home from work, I thought I'd try and share a picture, and see how it rates with my fellow smokeheads.

Happy Thanksgiving!!
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Ahh well done! Points for engineering/field expedience!
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Good looking bird. Don't you love it when a plan comes together, even if it's plan B. LOL Good job!
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Nice color on that bird!

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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That is a good looking bird. Looks like your creativity saved the day!! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

Where in SE Nebraska are you from? I grew up in Tecumseh and was back there for Thanksgiving.
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Thanks for the positive responses!!! I followed Jeff's instructions on cooking a turkey (I think I had them printed out from last year) 225 deg for 6-7 hours for a 12lb bird.

I live in Beatrice.... right on Hwy 136, My wife and I grew up in Fairbury.
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