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huh? sorry I just don't get it?
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aww shucks

naw I'm a just a big teddy bear, but my wife on the other hand ................ GULP!
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The temperature will have an effect on your smoking, but not nearly as much as wind. Wind seems to suck the heat right out of a smoker. If it's windy, rig up some kind of windbreak.

I'm assuming your home made smoker isn't insulated, so that will make it tougher to keep your smoking temps up where you want them. Some of the folks around here wrap moving pads or welding blankets around their smokers to help hold in the heat.

If you're having problems keeping the temps up in your smoker, there's nothing wrong with opting for the oven to finish the job. That's better than having the meat stay in the danger zone for too long and then having people get sick.

Just my $.02. Hope it's helpful.
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Hey Lisa, thats what I do, then finish it off in the oven, to crisp it back up. wink.gif
post #25 of 35 can hold whatever you can grip at 0, or minus 7 C. for our Canadian friends ;{)

and no, yer not nuts.

"Hi my name is Dono, and i'm a smokaholic"
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Lisa -

I don't - I throw thow the Chisp-X mix in with everything else but on the top shelf. I do lightly spritz then with apple juice and give them a stir every now and again, except the last time I look at them so they don't get damp.

NOTE: The reason I use Chrisp-X instead of Ches is the Chrisp-X has Corn on one side and WHite on the other. You only need one box of Cereal instead of two or three.

For the newbies my Hot and Spicy Chrisp-X mix is here:

other nuts and snack recipes are mid way down this page:
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Good luck with the smoke DonO,

What is the most common form of smoking in the USA, hot smoke or cold ?

Are the smokers constructed differently, is the smoke 'forced' by way of a fan in a cold smoke ?

Can you cold smoke in a hot smoker and vice versa ?

The only method I have used is the hot smoke and i'm quite keen on giving the cold option a go.

I am considering making a smoker similar to the pics I have seen on this forum, there is no such thing here in NZ.

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Pescadero, very good explanation. Thanks!!
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Probably the hot smoker. But they are for 2 different things. Smoke 'curing" and heat sensitive foods like cheeses need the lower temps of a cold smoker, where the food is not cooked, JUST smoked.

Theoretically, you could use a hot smoker for a cold one if you have an exterior fire box and pipe the smoke into your cabinet without using any heat. Seems most folk just build a box and use thelr hot smoker as a fire/smoke generator and run a length of pipe from it.

Natural convection will cause the smoke to flow from hot to cold area, especially if the fire box is located somewhat below the cold box.
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Yeah there is........"How long do you boil ribs before you smoke them"? wink.gif
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Hahahaha! Mmmm! Rib soup!
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holy crow

icon_razz.gif could this post go any further off topic? lol
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thanks Ritchtee, looks like thats the next project...
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I knew it was someone who does Chex Mix in the smoker :)
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you ain't seen nothin yet PDT_Armataz_01_14.gif
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