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Hello from missouri

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I found this forum a few days ago liked it enough to stick around. I have smoked for a couple of years but I would consider myself a newb for sure. I mostly use a gas smoker but also use all wood in my other smoker. I do a large amount of hunting and love to smoke wild game. I recently starting trapping wildpigs. The pigs got me reinterested in learning more about smoking meat.

I am a beer man by trade. Beer is a passion of mine. I sell for Miller and Coors and a ton of import beers. Beer and smoking meat go hand in hand. I have a whole freezer full of deer, wild pig and wild turkey. I am sure I will have some questions for you all soon enough until then thanks ahead of time.
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Welcome Jeremy -

There's always something new to learn here and it's fun doing it with friends!
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Welcome to the SMF! Lots of hunters here, and game recipes and techniques. Just did some venison jerky and a mighty good polish style sausage. Venison is very verstile and takes to smoking like ducks to water. Did a whole front shoulder a while back, to pulling stage. Rubbed the meat with bacon fat, and mopped with the fat, cider vinegar and a bit of apple juice, smoked over apple. Delicious!
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Jeremy welcome to smf. Keep comin back for tons of great smokin info. Looking forward to some q-view from ya.
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Welcome to the forums Jeremy from another SW MO person. When you have questions, be sure to ask. Someone will be along to get you an answer.
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Hello I saw your post so thought it was time to join this forum too iam like you from Missouri north east part and iam a Millerman by trade too and love to run my home made smoker , indirect heat 250 gallon reverse flow smoker ,and iam a KCBS judge
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Welcome to the site guys, don't be shy post your ? and someone will answer.
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Welcome to SMF, Chuck and Jeremy! This is a great place to learn and share about smoking. The folks are friendly and always ready to help out. Be sure to show us your smoking results. We LOVE pictures.
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Welcome to another SWMO person! I'm an ol' Sprangfiel boy, three times removed. wink.gif
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Welcome aboard the SMF, beer man here also, deliver coors, miller, etc...
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Welcome to the forum and I'm glad you decide to join.
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Welcome to SMF! Glad you found us!

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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Welcome.... I plan on refillin' the freezer with deer this weekend... I found Jeff's free 5 day e-course really informational.... I have learned a lot in my short time here good luck from Busted Luck....
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Welcome to SMF from another Jeremy! I have one question is the wild turkey a bird or bourbon!
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Welcome aboard SMF. Glad you found us.
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Thats a good question! I have both.
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Welcome to the SMF. You're in good company here, plenty of hunters and smokers. Feel free to ask any questions, it will just get you on the road to smokesville a little quicker.
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Welcome Jeremy! I am a newbie here as well. Born and raised in St. Joseph, MO but now live in sunny Florida where I can Q everyday! I can fish most everyday as well which really ticks off my buddies up there. Hope you find some good friends here and learn a lot.
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Welcome to the SMF! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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