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Any Tips?

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I will actually be doing my first bird tomorrow. 14Lb brining right now and will smoke with apple wood. For those of you who did a bird or even those who did your first bird, do you have any tips to make this go as smoothly as possible?

I am worried about keeping a good heat in my smoker tomorrow. The high is supposed to be 31*.

I know this probably isnt a good idea, but has anyone tried moving their smoker in the garage and smoking with the door open? I guess as long as it isnt too windy i can probably do it outside. Just hope i can keep 325 on my traeger.

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I quite often set my ECB about 2 foot inside my garage with the door up. No problems, but I DO suggest you move the cars outside, unless you like Thin Blue air fresheners ;{)
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Good to know. I guess it will depend on the wind. Thanks
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No prob. As we ALL know, you should not have huge billowing clouds of smoke coming out anyway!
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well with the traeger using pellets and an auger there is little i can do to control that. I dont have the digital stat so my choices are smoke, medium and high

I was going to cook the bird on medium (supposed to be 325-350) until the temp got to 100 then switch it over to smoke for a couple hours and then back to medium until the breast gets to 165
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We were talking in another thread about how a moving quilt really helps keep the heat in the smoker. And yes I have used my electric smoker in the garage, but never my charcoal, (just figured thats the rationale I used for buying my electric one)
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Really? You mean you have no control over wood addition?!? Jeez...Well, heck...i'd be adding pellets manually to that system. Rarely do I have visible smoke for but about a third of the total smoking time.
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I thought about getting a welding blanket and covering with that to help keep consistent temps. I figured any other type of cloth would combust.
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i have done my charchol ecb DOZENS of times in the garage........tho keep the garage door open...........so far.... no mental damaagggggggggeeeeee.......whattttt wear we speakkkkkkkkinggggg bbbouututttttt

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you have some control. the auger feedss pellets (compressed sawdust) to the firebox. The settings determine the rate of pellets to the firebox. So on smoke the auger moves for 1 minute and is off for three. On med the auger is on for 2 and off for 2(if i remember correctly) and on high i think it continuously feeds.

The pellets are the source for heat and smoke.
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No kiddin. Damm, I'd want more control. You might wanna experiment a bit. 3 pellets only for the first hour, then maybe a couple more the next...give it an hour without, and finish with a few. Or are these pellets small? Maybe a scoop to start...etc.

Do you ever get an "oversmoked" taste/look? I guess I have never seen one of those units, but man. I'm gonna go look 'em up.
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The pellets are small, like rabbit feed.


Shows how it works. I never notice an over powering smoke taste
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Huh, OK. Thanks for the link. I'll take a look. No such thing as bad knowledge!
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OKay Rich now how you gonna make those pellets at home? biggrin.gif

Big Jim you need to build a wind break for that smoker or your gonna use a TON of fuel this winter! I don't have a garage so I don't have a choice and I smoke all year round without problems. Well except I have melted my wind break a few times - it 4 inch styrofoam board! icon_redface.gif My ECB left a footprint in the back wall! LOL
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You reading my mind?!? Hahahaha!
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Rich you are worse than I am about trying to make things yourself! rolleyes.gif
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Sigh. Character flaw, I guess. Keeps me out of a LITTLE bit of trouble I'd prolly otherwise find, tho.
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Sooo...how'd it go Jim?
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I am smoking it up today. We were originally supposed to go skiing on Thanksgving day but the resort couldnt open due to the lack of snow.

I will let you know how it goes

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it turned out well. Still had trouble maintaining a good temp even in the garage and my probe therm was giving different readings than my electric probe which was different from my electric probe fork thermom.

no one got sick, so i guess it was cooked enough.

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