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Debi, you are too kind!

Thank you for the compliment!

Sorta wished I had put that big ole orange truck southbound and not looked back this morning!

Awsome spread! Wish I was there!

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I wish you were to hon! Guess we gotta wait until summer thaw now though!You were in my thoughts and in my heart. I thought to myself - poor Monty's up there in Vermont all alone working his big ole heart out to keep us safe what do I have to be sad about? I am thankful for having friends like you!

God bless you hon!
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Awwww, shucks, Debi!!!! icon_redface.gif


PS. Mutha Nature has given me a reprive and I will at least get a good night's sleep. Will be back at it around 3 AM!
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hey you guys have probs with folks still accessing roads that have been closed/blocked off due to weather?

today's paper........iowa is talking bout passing laws......that IF you travel a closed road..........HUGE FINES...........

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The way it goes, Dude, is that when we close a road you can be subject to fines, total cost of rescue, if necessary, and you are reminded by the closed road sign that your insurance company will not recognize your name when you get stupid.

But aside from that we have enough problems with stupidity behind the wheel on the open roads we try to make safe.

The third worst thing anyone can do is follow too closely behind a plow truck. The second worst thing is to try to pass one on a corner. And the worst thing anyone can do is try to pass a plow truck on the right when it is plowing the "turn lane" in a three lane road.

The third worst will get you a cracked windshield, the second will kill you and the first will collapse your windshield and fill your rig with snow...possibly killing you.

DO NOT ask how I know these things!

And thank you for your support!

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NOW you just gave a definition of STUPID........WHY would ANYONE want to pass a snow plow...........DUH.........they are PLOWING THE ROAD CLEAR..........i am FOLLOWING.........not to close of course......but crap......what dummies
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Wish I had a nickel for every ignoramous in a hurry!
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you;d of been retired and raising bee''s by now

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I saw some idiot once try to pass a car on a corner and ended up driving up the front of a on comming plow. It was actually like watching an action movie and luckily no one got hurt. PDT_Armataz_01_23.gif Flipped the car right over and send it in back behind the car it was passing - served him right for trying to get us all killed in a snow storm!

You better go get some sleep hon! It's getting late!
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Beddy bye it will be soon, Debi!

Will most likely be called around 3 AM to get out before anyone else has the same idea!

So, I am gonna stoke the stove, say my prayers which include all the SMF family and I wish all a good night!

Until the sun shines, and I know it will!

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niters monty

be safe

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It looks great, I am sure you and Jesse enjoyed it.


Stay safe out there, need you here to share the "fun"
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Well. folks, I made it through another session of slowing down the public when they want to rush.

Went out early this morning as part of a skeleton crew to plow and salt a couple of our main highways.

BUT WAIT!!!!!!! WalMart is opening at 5 AM for all sorts of sales and early bird deals!

We were out early enough and there were no accidents. And to think our budget is shrinking while the politicians continue to cater to the non productive residents of Vermont! Yeesh!

Cheers, all! Looks like I have the weekend off!
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Glad you had a good day - I try to hide out on Black Fridays - people get weird on the roads. I took a vacation day so I didn't have to drive anywhere!

I actually spent the day doing nothing. Well except adding a few pages to my website and editing a few more. Hopefully all the confusion about turkeys and chickens will be clearer now. I guess some people didn't know poultry was chickens AND turkeys as well as other bird critters so I made separate pages and added more details.

I'll add duck as soon as a get another one. I wish I knew what I did with half the pictures I've posted here in the past year - it's Make web pages easier to build!
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Monty - you truly do have a thankless job. Everyone takes the roads for granted. Even though I don't live in Vermont - Thanks for your long hours!

I used to get in a hurry a lot, then I realized that 20 seconds to wait on a car or 5 minutes lost behind a plow truck during a trip ain't nuthin in a lifetime. Gives ya time to notice the world around you.

Enjoy your weekend!

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Thanks, Joe!

Wish more folks would come around to your way of thinking!

I normally do not go out on a truck but when the holidays are upon us I let the "daddys" stay home and fill in for them.

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