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New here, been smoking for years

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Greetings everyone.

Hello from Idaho. Smoking meats is part of my interests, part of a larger interest in food preservation of all types and kinds. Curing meats, poultry and fish, as well as making sausage is my hobby. Been collection recipes most of my adult life, as well as collecting the wisdom, methods and accounts of successes and failures of practitioners of all types.

I look forward to learning from the assembled membership!

Idahobeekeeper - oh yes, I also keep bees. Honey makes a great sweetener for cures.
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Idahobeekeeper welcome to smf look forward to your input and q-view keep comin round.
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Welcome aboard. Lookin forward to you sharing your experience here at SMF. Great folks to associate with. I'm sure you will fit right in.
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Alright ... Another member from Idaho ...PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif Welcome to the SMF PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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welcome to the site.........

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Welcome Beekeeper -

I love making sausages too. I'll be looking forward to seeing your posts!
Happy Thaksgiving!
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Welcome to SMF !!!
Looking forward to hearing more about the colllection of wisdom you have accumilated over the years and I'd like to hear more about honey as a sweetner idea. I know if it has bacon, or brown sugar in it, it can not be bad, so I imagine the same goes for honey !!!
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Welcome to SMF! Hope you share some of those collected recipes!

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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Thanks for such a warm welcome!

I'm a bit overwhelmed with the depth and breadth of the topics and information I'm finding in the various threads. Already hatching devious thoughts about how to modify my smoker...

Just put the turkey in the oven after a 12 hour soak in brine.

Used the following concoction for two gallons of brine that covered an 18# bird:

2 cups of salt
3 cups of honey
1+ tblsp Rosemary leaves crumbled
1 tsp ground mace
2 tsp ground allspice
1 tsp ground thyme

Brine smelled good enought to drink, and the bird came out plumped up nicely. I'll post the results after we eat.
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Possible pics when you post those results ? icon_wink.gif
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Absolutely! Will also post pics of a turkey breast I cured and smoked last weekend. Did two, but, um... one is already gone.
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Welcome to SMF! It sounds like you are bringing a lot of experience and knowledge to the group. Looking forward to seeing and hearing about your smoke, past, present and future.

Glad to have you aboard.
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Welcome, Idahobeekeeper!

Happy you found us!

As I slowly turn my acres into production I have been teasing with the idea of beekeeping, considering the problems with the bees across our country. Look forward to me depending your experience for beekeeping tips in the near future!

Welcome to the SMF Family!

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Welcome to the site, glad to have you here.
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I've had bees for 3 seasons. It's one of the most relaxing endeavors one can engage in. That may sound counter intuitive for folks not familiar with bees, but, like most other activities involving living things, it's all about relationships.

It's a bit of work, and something one must be willing to fully commit time and attention. But it's worth it.

Please let me know how I can help - have lots of resources, sources for equipment, supplies and information.

For starters, subscribe to the Bee-L listserv out of the University of Albany at LISTSERV@listserv.albany.edu -google Bee-L and you should find it easily.

Best wishes,

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Thanks! What are you brewing? I do a little beer and wine now and again.

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so do i........*HIC*.....specially round the holidays........*HIC*........


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I am looking at beekeeping perhaps the season after next. By that time I will have my fields opened and be more or less in full planting swing.

Working slowly to my retirement, again. Hope to pull the plug in less than five years and "retire" to doing the things I want to do.

Already 25% self sufficient here and working to doing more and also to taking a bit of profit from my endeavors!

Thank you for joining the SMF family and I look forward to our continued friendship!

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Pics of the brined bird

Here's the result. One lesson visible in the pictures is the effect of the honey - appears it was absorbed by the skin, and caramelized quite nicely - dark, but wasn't burned at all, and nice and crispy. Next time I'll keep the bird covered with foil longer.

And, they say that a brined turkey retains its moisture - based on this initial experience, I can support that claim. Great tasting bird!

BTW, where abouts in Idaho are you?

Happy Thanksgiving all

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Nice bird IB! That'll earn you your 1st points for sure! Congrats!
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