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First Turkey

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I brined my bird using deejaydebi's recipe, but cut back a little on the salt because the bird already had a 7% solution. Rubbed the outside with mayonnaise, and a store bought poultry seasoning. I injected the bird with a butter/Garlic marinade. I've had to periodically check the temp. of the bird because my remote thermometer decided to quit on me tonight. Right now the temp. is 159 degrees, and I plan on taking it out when it reaches between 170-175. Will take a picture when it's done, and post it.
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Not sure how you are getting your temps, but 160 to 165 for the breast. Dark meat around 170. Have a great Thanksgiving.
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Well the birds done. Here's a pic of my first attempt.
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Looks Good! have a Happy Thanksgiving!
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