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OK, Plan 'B'

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Plan 'A' was this one:

Thanks to the advice I got on that thread and the search function I came up with a new plan:
I'm going to brine the turkey using Dutch's apple cider brine recipe. Went to the tool room at work and "borrowed" a new 5 gallon plastic pail with lid.
I'll get up at 5:00 am (normal for me anyway) and fire up the smoker, using apple chips. Since it's supposed to be cold and windy tomorrow I also borrowed a new welding blanket from the tool room to put over the smoker to hold the heat in.
Wife wants to serve dinner by 3:00 tomorrow afternoon. I figure if the bird hasn't reached a convincing temperature by noon I'll bring it in and finish it off in the oven. Wife still thinks I'm going to screw up dinner. eek.gif

So, by this time tomorrow evening, I'll be letting you all know how it worked out, Hero or Zero. Then again, if I'm a Zero, not a hero there's no internet access in the doghouse so it may be a couple of days before I post again.frown.gif
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I'm thinking you're gonna be a Hero ... plan sounds good with the oven as a backup. It will be just great ... I know it!
Keep us posted and good luck!
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Once you complete the smoking process, finishing in the oven or the smoker doesn't make any difference. if your not applying smoke to the meat it's basically a oven.( so to speak)

Personally I can reach high temps with the smoker if it's cold out side or not. But if it's cold I'm going to finish in the oven anyway. one I hate the cold, second why bother. There is no shame in finishing in the oven!

Keep us updated and let us know if you have any questions.

good luck!
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smoking times

if your temp is around 275 it should be done in 5 hours if my callacations are correct anyway go by temp not time and be sure and let it rest when you are done by tenting it.
i think you will do fine with your time and only dog will be in the dog house ha ha
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275 is a little low don't ya think?
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Nothing wrong with 275. Nothing at all. Maybe the skin won't be crisp, but the meat will be heavenly. As to the 5 hours, I missed how big this bird is, so not sure on the time to be done confused.gif
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Yea flash your right I forget I like the crispy skin. even if you don't eat it, Is has a better presentaion.IMO
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Should have added: it's a 13lb Butterball. I cut back on the salt in the brine just a bit to make up for the factory induced chemicals.
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I'm with Glued! I like it crispy and pretty! 300 to 375 for me! Never had a dry bird. Brine and inject that puppy and you won't be sorry!

Happy Thanksgiving!
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