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deer help

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my nephew is bringing a 10# peice of venison to my house tomorrow and i have never cooked it, much less smoked it. if any of you could give me the basics, that would be great. i have to look good in front of him, not only cause he is a younger family member, but he was my apprentice till he went off on his own path. he is a good man, and is moving to missouri next week with his wife and daughter, and this is the last time we get to be together for a while. uncle jack needs your help, please.
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I guess it all depends on exactly what cut from the deer, you are receiving. Until then, It might hard for a recommendation on what to do.
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Well Jack, no experience here smoking venison but a lot cooking it. Venison has a tendency to become very dry when overcooked. I'm sure a lot of folks will be along to help soon. I like my venison like my steaks more rare than medium. Still juicy. As for roasts, bacon is always a nice addition. Even slices of garlic pushed into the meat add a lot of flavor.
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its the hind quarter, the thigh with the bone in it.
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hey dingle, thanks, i will put bacon on it. what temp do you like to cook it at, and what temp do you pull it off at to get the medium rare?
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A buddy of mine starts with a bacon wrap for about 2.5 hours and then foils it 2-4 @ about 260.
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I agree. Keep in mind your temps will rise 5-10 degrees after you pull it off. So if ya want it med-rare I would pull it @ 120-125 degrees.
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There was a thread yesterday from a guy that was smoking "deer hams." He described his cooking prep/process.

You can find it HERE.
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I agree with bacon. I can't wait for a tenderloin this year. Give it a little marinade, then wrap in bacon and smoke till it's pretty firm. (I don't measure temps so much on beef and venison)
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alright, im going to keep my smoker at 250 use mesquite and apple wrap in bacon, stuff with garlic and bacon peices smoke for 2-3 hours, wrap in foil and bring it to 135*. q view and comments by end of day.
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Jack, was off off-line yesterday. Just read something about "Qview by the end of the day". Did I miss it? Just kidding but would love to see how it turned out.
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