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Howdy, Y'all!

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I came across this awesome forum last night while looking for tips. It seems like you can never learn enough about smoking meat, etc.
I'm from Irving, Texas. Currently using a New Braunfels offset that has many hours on it. I've retired a couple of water smokers, as well as an Old Smokey kettle type grill that made killer country style ribs. Don't know exactly what my skill level is, but friends and family always clean it up pretty good.
I like to hunt, fish, garden, and love NASCAR. My favorite driver is Dave Blaney, in the #22 Caterpillar Toyota. Yeah, I like the underdog.
See y'all in the forum!
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And Howdy to you too! Glad to know you're a part of the SMF. Read around and you'll find plenty of great advise, and don't be shy to ask any questions, we are a friendly membership.
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Welcome to SMF! We're glad to have you with us, so make yourself at home. The folks around here are always up for questions or new ideas (especially if they come with pictures). biggrin.gif
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Nice to have you on board. I understood everything escept that word. . . NASCAR ! What's that?

OK, OK, Just kiddin !

Welcome aboard. I know you will enjoy yourself.

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Welcome Athabaskar...yer gonna like this place...lots of Nascar boys here. Funny ya like Blaney...Catapilar actually flew a bunch of us from Alberta Canada down to Raleigh NC last year and then we drove over in a couple of vans and took in the Richmond night race. My first live NASCAR race and like WOW...I couldn't get over the hospitality and it truly was amzing to see everyone in such a great mood. I never saw a fight or nothing...not even someone yelling...totally blew me away. BBQ going everywhere. Like a big BBQ for me is like the ones you'd see at Home Depot man was I in for a shock. My nouth was probrably draggin most of the time I was there. Man and that Bourbon...that S_ _T is strong. I guess I am too used to Hockey games I guess. Beat each other up on Saterday night and then go pick one another up for work Monday morning. LOL Great Game...I mean race. Welcome aboard...everyone here like pics so be sure and post plenty...
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Athabaskar welcome to smf.
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Welcome aboard. Lookin forward to hearing about your smoking adventures.
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Welcome Athabaskar -

Great place we got here your gonna love it! There's always something new to try with smoking food and I think we've tried most of it! ENjoy!

Happy Thanksgiving!
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Welcome to SMF! Enjoy the site!

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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