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If that is your first smoke on a new smoker, you are way ahead of the game plan. Congrats, alot of folks, especially me, have had to learn the hard way and eat our mistakes.
You are very fortunate to have come into this site before you made alot of the mistakes that I did. But ya know, If ya don't make a few, then I feel that you really can't appreciate a fine mouth watering success.

I don't know much about this stuff except my own findings, but I smoke with lump and go through alot of work compared to the electrics or propane smoke shacks. I have tasted a few different smokes form coal, electrics, and propanes, and I think you get a deeper and richer bark from wood or charcoal smokers. It just seems to be that way. Some of the prettiest lookin stuff comes from electric or propane, but if you get used to your individual smoker, I think you can get the results you desire.

All in all, I think your first smoke experience on your new shack is very positive, and it looks delicious, and tender.I would wager that in the near future, you will find just the right rub, wood chunk and smoke temp combo to make yourself and your friends very happy! The learning curve is very steep when you are active on this site. I often have information overload, combined with hunger pains!
Congrats on the Q-view, and the grate play by play!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Great job! Man I wish my first smoke went that good. I wish my threads on my smokes looked this good. Keep um coming.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Points, Sir...POINTS!

Well Done!
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You sir's are the best!

Today I have started two butts. They are 12 hours in smoke, and 2 hrs in foil (almost done @ 198). Per suggestions in this thread the bark is much better than before.

I will point out that my secret ingredient this time is drinking Jack Daniels, instead of beer =)..
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Mob, you are doing the noobs well. Great looking Q you have there. I too have learned MEGA things at this place.
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Good Job.

Congratulations. You are on the fast track.

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I must have missed this thread first time around....sure looks good MobCounty!!PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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