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Brine I just made up....

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.... called for 1 gallon of water, and I found I will need a gallon and a half to cover bird. Already made the brine, right now just a concentrate, maybe 1/2 gallon with more water when I am ready to dunk bird. Should I up the ingrediants or give it longer in the brine or is this basically a wash and no concern. I was planning only 8 hours but could put it in NOW if I want? First time brining poultry.
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Mine's been brining since 7:30 this morning!!! I had to fill my cooler with the brine solution because I didnt have a big enough bucket, but it looks pretty good. Good luck fellow smoker!
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I would just add the water with a bit more of this/that. It will turn out great either way (as long as there is not too much salt). You did use kosher salt, right?

Last year my brine was too salty, so this year, I'm using 1/2 the salt.
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Here is my brining recipe:

1.5 gallons of water
2/5 cup of salt
1.5 cups of sugar
4 oz of teriyaki sauce (it's been in the fridge for 6 months and time to use it)
4 oz Molasses
1 tbl whol cardamom seed
10 star anise

My rub will be a home made curry powder and black pepper.

I'm going to stuff the bird with fresh garlic, sage, tyme, rosemary and an onion.

I'm planning 275 for about 5 hours. The bird is 10.5 lbs.

I just finished defrosting the bird. It is now in the fridge awaiting the plunge in the brine (10pm).

Now I'm done for a while, so, I'm going fishing.

Have a happy Thanksgiving.
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I used:

I gallon of cold water
1/2 cup kosher salt
1/2 cup brown sugar
(Called for 1/2 cup maple syrup, but used 1/4 cup brown sugar with some honey)
1/3 cup orange juice

Teaspoons of
Red Pepper flakes
minced Garlic
Black Pepper
Onion Powder

So more goodies because of the water or more time in the brine since I will have 1 1/2 gallons of water?
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More stuff in the brine. I am not a fan of brining too long. 8 to 10 hours max.
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throw it on in the brine now, it'll be good.
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Just make sure you have enough garlic! icon_mrgreen.gif
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thats awfully close to a brine i've used .i would not add any more salt.biggrin.gif
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Should I warm the brine up before the bird go for the swim?
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Brine water should be cold - put in the refrigerator. When/if you boil the water to disolve the salt and or spices cool it down first before adding the bird!

Best way to do this is to take a cup or two of water, nuke it to boiling disolve your salt and spices addin them slowly and stirring, cool it with ice and add to the rest of the water.

Happy Thanksgiving!
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Thank you. My next problem, I hate when i read things to late, how important is it to separate the skin from the meat before brining or after for that matter.
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I think the only point to separating skin from meat is to apply rub under the skin before it goes on the smoker. I would think the brine easily works its way thru the skin and into the meat.
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I don't separate the skin. I inject the bird with lots of butter and spices then sprinkle my spices on top of the skin. No need to go under anymmore.

Happy Thanksgiving!
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