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Cold Smoke Generator

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This is interesting. Check out the cold smoke generator.


Might be just the ticket, or not. Up to you. Interesting though.
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Wasn't there a thread earlier about this ??? Isn't he a member here?
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Could be, don't know. Just happened on it and thought it was interesting.
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Sure was:


And he is a member here too.
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I love and miss Chicago.

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Cold smoke Generator

Cold smoke generator on ebay. You can hook it up to a BBQ grill or smoker it does not produce any heat perfect for smoking cheese. Check it out http://porkypas.spaces.live.com/default.aspx
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Only problem I see is the galvanized parts they are using (i.e. the threaded nipple they are using is galvanized or GRC for short).
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No Galvanized used

To answer the post there is NO galvanized pipe used in the making of this unit. It is made from aluminum and the end caps are cast aluminum. The threaded nipple is all steel. There may be a couple of pictures showing a galvanized nipple from when I first made one, but the ones I’ am making are GRC free. From the research I have done you have to get the galvanized up over 900 degree before any gases are released but to be safe I stayed away from using it.
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