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Grill Stolen in Goose Creek, SC

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I know this will not effect most of you however, My good friend has had his Alveron grill stollen from his lot. He's had a number of other things taken as well. It has a hog cooker, three fish cookers and a nice cooking/warming oven. If you see somthing like it please let me know or call the police. It also has a diamond plate looking tool box up front with a dent in one corner (can't tell you which corner). Thanks for keeping a look out.
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Sorry to hear that Goose. We were just talking about what the world was coming too. Hope you buddy gets his stuff back!
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I will offer 3 lbs. of venison bacon to "anyone" that can turn in the perprtraitor or the equipment. I will ship it to whom ever turns the misjustice in.
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Evil just plain evil! icon_twisted.gif What makes people think they have more of a right to your stuff than you do? I just can't understand that concept. Things like that just confuzzle my mind!
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Sorry to hear of your friends misfortune. You know it just amazes me as to how someone could actually hook onto somthing like that and take it in the first place. How the H_ LL do the crooks not know that a guy might have forgotten a wallet or something and turn around to have to retrieve it or anything for that matter and catch the cluprits in action??? They obviously haven't seen some of our pictures on the forum or they most definatley wouldn't be stealing someones smoker !!! I'll tell ya we could make a pretty mean looking possee if need be! Suggestion for you thou...try and post a picture or two if your buddy has one and you just never know. Most of those units are pretty easy to pick out in a crowd and hopefully they would be stupid enough to try and sell it...and get caught! Hang'em I say....hang'em!
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Here's a picture of the smoker. Thanks for keeping a look out!!

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The plain shame of some people.
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Keep your eye on eBay and craigslist. Hope they get it back.. unsalvaged. Keep us posted.
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I was going to suggest the same thing, I'll take this post and the picture and put it on my RV board, they do a little smoking also.

There is a plate of the front of the grill, was there holes there already for the plate, or were they drilled by the owner? Just trying to think of an identifying mark.

I hope it shows up in one piece! Such a shame...
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I could easily go off on a tirade full of profanities!

And the thing that really pisses me off is that it is said that 9 out of ten times it is someone that you know, and this thought alone makes me even more pissed!



I got a pond if you catch the little F!PDT_Armataz_01_19.gif

Pressure the local law enforcement. I have been told that these kinds of crimes are actually fairly easy to solve if resources are brought to bare by the authorities. They know the local riff raff and the patterns involved.
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someone mentioned on the other board to check BBQ events, someone might be stupid enough to use it there.
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I was just about to mention that. A rig like that should stick out, any place it is taken to. Check around any place there would be grilling/bbq. (Parties, Tailgating, BBQ Comps)
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The plate is actually in the back of the cooker on the frame and has the name of the family that purchased it. I would love for the person/s who took off with it to leave it on and try to sell it, but I'm not holding out for that to happen. The plate says as best I can remember "Especially made for the Gressette Family".
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Hangings too good fer em.....
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That brazen PIG should be smoked alive
Low-n-slow at 225
Show no mercy on that SOB
When he's done, we'll set him free

Grrrrrrrrrr!!!! PDT_Armataz_01_19.gif
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As we always said back when I was policing -

All criminals are stupid, otherwise they wouldn't be criminals.

Nuff said.
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That's so unfair, gooose53. I just hate when someone steals. Maybe the next member from Goose Creek could be a suspect, eh?PDT_Armataz_01_20.gif
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you watch and see, the next member from SC wont even be welcomed...lol
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Goose sorry for your friends lose. I'll do my part to look out for anything like that. Although I am in Maryland but ya never know stranger things have happened!!!!!!

Sorry S.O.B.'S
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I have this posted on two other sites I frequent just in case someone knows something.

Have you heard anything?

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