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Smoke it "just a little"?

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Hi, first time poster, found this forum while searching for turkey smoking techniques.
In a nutshell:
Due to work schedule, other time constraints and the weather forecast for Thanksgiving day I don't think I'll have time to do a full-fledged smoked turkey in time for dinner on Thursday.
What I thought I'd do is throw it on the smoker Wednesday evening and leave it there just long enough to get a good smoke flavor going. Then I'd put the bird back in the fridge and finish it off in the oven the next day.
I have at my disposal a Brinkman upright electric smoker and a Char Griller charcoal grill with the side-box. Plan on using hickory, won't have time to brine the bird.
Wife's afraid I'm going to screw up Thanksgiving dinner. icon_redface.gif
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Really, I see no problem. The pours in the meat usually close around 140º internal temp, but supposedly poultry takes on a smokey flavor quicker than other meats. Pull at 120º then get it in the fridge.
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sisco, first welcome to SMF. Hop over to roll call and properly introduce yourself so the friendly folks here can welcome you.
Next, I personnelly wouldn't cool the bird off by putting it in the fridge before it is fully cooked. I would remove it from the smoker and finish it in the oven so as to not take any chances on the dangers involved in cooking poultry. I would start smoking it as soon as I could when you get home Wednesday and smoke until you are ready for bed, put it in the oven, and check on it until it reaches the finished temp. Then cool and reheat for dinner. I'm sure others will be along shortly with more ideas. You can also run your temps higher on poultry, 300º to 350º,so I would use the Char Griller.
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Sisco -

You can smoke a turkey just as fast as you can bake one ...


I would not do a parcial cook on poutlry!
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We don't plan on eating until evening, 6:00 or so. Weather forecast for Thursday is cold and windy; I'm afraid it won't be done on time. Wife is more afraid of that than I am!
I could "borrow" a welding blanket from work to throw over the CharGriller to hold the heat in.
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Will do ASAP!
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Yeah, they are right about the bacteria issue. Personally I have never had any problems, but you just never know. Finish her up and just reheat.
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Sisco -

You need a good wind break! That'll help hold in the temps all winter!

Happy Thanksgiving!
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