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Here In PA

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Hi to everyone in the SMF. I have been reading the posts the last couple of weeks and decided to become one of the SMF family. I have just finished buliding a propane 55 Gallon drum smoker after a lot of research on the internet. I decided to build one on my own. Agter a good burn-out and season of the smoker. I smoked 4 - chickens a couple weeks ago for my first atempt and to work the bugs out of the smoker which worked out well. Chickens came out great from what the family says. Keep up the good work here in the SMF.

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Welcome to the site, you know we need Q-views of the smoker and the food.
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Hey, glad to see another PA boy, we're takin over!!! Welcome to the site.
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Glad to have you, and hope you enjoy SMF. There is nothing wrong with a homemade smoker as several here have built their own, myself included. Ask any questions you may have, we are here to help.
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Welcome SmokeInPA

Good to see your here. I hope everything works out with the new smoker. Good Luck,
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Welcome Smoke -

Glad you decided to join in! We're always looking for new ideas!
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Welcome to SMF! We'll be expecting to see and hear about what comes out of that smoker you built. This is just the place to make sure your successes far out-number the "oops" smokes!

Glad to have you with us.
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Welcome aboard the SMF, like to see some pics of that smoker.
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Welcome SmokeinPa, Heck we may have to annex Md soon so we have more room on our map! Welcome!
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You have gotten lots of warm welcomes. Let me give you another. good to have you.

When you get a little time, check out Jeff's 5 Day eCourse on Smoking. It is full of great info. Even though you have some good experience, it is a good refresher.

Once again, welcome!!

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Welcome on board!
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Welcome, good to have another from PA on here and a penn state fan to boot. If you live in state college I will be up your way for buck seaon. I hunt on the other side of tusse near whipple dam.
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ruggersal -------- Good Luck Monday. Great area to hunt in. Heard of a couple bears being taking over in that area nothing big. I live about 18 miles east of State College. About 25 miles from the Whipple's Dam General Store.
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Welcome Smoke from a neighbor just to your north in NY. Welcome to the site and the SMF.
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Gramason -------- Here are some pics of it.

55 gallon drum propane smoker

Bottom inside view I use a coffee can with wood chunks

Top inside view 2 racks about 6" apart w/ heat deflector below them.

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I have taken Jeff's 5 day e-course before I join SMF. Thanks for the the info.
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Welcome aboard! I'm about 70 miles North of you in Coudersport. Looks like a good job on the smoker.

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Welcome aboard! Our PA numbers keep creepin up!! Good job on the home made drum!
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millstream Welcome aboard! I'm about 70 miles North of you in Coudersport. Looks like a good job on the smoker.


millstream --------- Family and I spend 1-2 weekends a year camping at Hammond Lakes in Tioga. Beautiful area up there.
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SmokInPA-- welcome aboard from Williamsport PA!!

Watch for my smoke signals around the state tomorrow. PDT_Armataz_01_41.gif

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