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Reheating Turkey

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Happy Thanksgiving all. I am smoking an 18lb turkey ($.29 lb). I am going to cook it Wednesday night. What is the best method to reheat? I was thinking of either slicing it wednesday night or leaving it whole and reheating in the oven on thanksgiving. Any advice would be appreciated.
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Wrap it in plastic wrap and put it in a 200 degree oven until warm. Remove the wrap and broil for a few minutes to crispy up the skin.
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I usually reheat mine with a little butter in a pan. If it's smoked, I eat it cold or at room temperature (I don't advise this to anyone, but I was raised eating Bates Smoked Turkeys and this is the best way to eat them) on a plain hamburger bun, kaiser roll, onion roll, etc. with lettuce and mayo & SPTT (salt and pepper to taste).
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I thought you were supposed to remove the meat from the bone (you can leave the legs whole though ) before storing it for a day . Any truth to that ? I'm doing the same thing , kind of . Cooking in my Masterbuilt electric , with out smoke but I'm going to brine my 11 lb for about 12 hours , (my mom and aunt don't like it smoked ) wednesday night and then I have to store it until Thursday afternoon . I was going to take the meat off of the carcass in as large of pieces as possible , put it in zip locs and refrigerate . I was thinking of putting a little chicken broth in the zip locs also . I'm worried about it drying out during the reheating process .
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