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Fatty stuffed with Fruit??

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I wanted to try a fatty different than the heart attack on a plate that me and my brother enjoy so much.

I know that pork and fruit go along very well, i was thinking apples???
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Hey whata got to loose if ya don't like it. Ya may be on to something there.
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Thats a great thought! I make this mean stuffing with sausage, apples a bag of mixed fruit and some fresh sage. I think you definitely have something going.
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As you mentioned, apples work well with pork. Peaches also are very good. I put peaches in my rib sauce, so I know the flavors will work, I just don't know how you would integrate them into the sausage.
Also, pineapple comes to mind.
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I would think the apples would be good. I make a stuffing with sausage and apples also, I think you would want to chop the apples pretty small so they get done.
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I'd go with apples shellbell says, chop them small.

Sometimes when doing a whole hog, I like to fill the cavity with apples, onions and brown's pretty
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Great idea doing the apples. Maybe slace them up and cooking them a little in some brown sugar then stuff it in the sausage once it cools.
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Great Idea there! I've always thought plums and prunes went well with pork, I may have to try that, I bet if the whole thing was rolled in philo pastry too it would be even better..
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I think someone recently mentioned doing fatties with pineapple mixed into the cream cheese. Gypsyseadog maybe??
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When stuffing was mentioned, a variation of turkey stuffing came to mind. sounds very tasty already.
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I've reduced the fat a lot by mixing ground turkey with turkey sausage and stuffing with all good things.

Here is a link to the thread:
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How about a Mango and Habanero Salsa with this? I have found that a peach, orange, or mango salsa with a bit of a bite from peppers do the trick.
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I always use apples great choice. Red delicious works great with the JD hot fatty! Remember my fatty, apple, cheese tarts? Apples are best shreaded. Trust me they are wonderful in a fatty!

If you use a sour apple the addition of raisins or currents or even cranrasins is also very good with finely chopped nuts. Something sweet to offset the sour.

Just posted a series of rolling pix today that just happens be be apple and cheese.
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